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From immemorial time, Eastern beauties have enchanted men with their unique beauty and culture. There seems to be no place in the world with more gorgeous girls than Asian mail order brides. As the region was isolated from the rest of the world for a long time, the interest in international mail order brides from Asia grew and nowadays so many guys want a hot Asian mail order bride.

To learn why Asian mail order wives are so desired and where to look for the best ones, keep on reading our article! Get valuable insight into Asian mentality to have a better idea of what to expect.

About 29% of Asians have a spouse of a different race or ethnicity, which indicates that international dating is trendy in the region. Let’s explore why so many Westerners choose Asia as a primary place for bride search.

Asian mail order bride
  1. Girls in Asia have perfect figures and are very youthful. They tend to have a soft, silky, dolly type of beauty. But not all ladies are the same, as the region consists of 48 countries. Each Asian mail order wife is different. But one thing they have in common is a superpower of not aging. Even at 60, they look like 40, which is why guys travel the world to find mail order bride from Asia.
  2. It’s easy to find a gorgeous Asian girlfriend. Another reason for the region’s popularity is the variety of beautiful foreign brides from different Asian countries. Lovely ladies are open to chatting and even can approach men they like first.
  3. Ladies from Asia are feminine. Western women strive to appear strong, yet Asian mail order women still come across as feminine but keep their strength. Somehow they can remain strong, hard-working, and at the same time be girly and cute. As a reputable mail order bride from Asia tends to care about her appearance more, she harnesses educated femininity, where a woman shouldn’t behave inappropriately or stop caring about her appearance.
  4. Asian women are masters of temptation. Another great way of expressing femininity and the reason why men are crazy about getting a bride from this region. There is a special allure around Asian ladies that make foreigners want to chase them.
  5. Asian beauties are into foreign men. As we saw from the statistic above, almost every third Asian is marrying abroad, which states that you can easily buy an Asian bride. International couples are accepted, and many singles are more into guys from abroad than into locals.

As you can see, the interest goes both ways, so let’s discover why Asian ladies choose Westerners.

Why Asian mail order brides choose to marry foreign men?

Dating locally is easier as you don’t need to get used to cultural differences, but hot Asian ladies still choose foreigners. As women in Asia are not the same, there is no one explanation why they pick Westerners. We gathered top things that attract Asian beauties in foreign men:

  • Physical attraction. Western appearance is unusual for the majority of foreign mail order brides from Asia, which makes Western guys very special and desired.
  • Smart minds. It’s not a secret that Asian women are into nerds. For some it may come as a surprise, as being a nerd in Western society is usually seen as a quality that makes you undateable, but Asian singles are taught to see a desire for education and a smart mind as a precursor to future success.
  • Chance for a better future. Many beautiful Asian ladies believe to get more opportunities to move abroad. Some ladies don’t have the level of life that they want for their children and strive to have a partner and move abroad to provide their future generations with better chances for education, jobs, and quality of life.
foreign mail order brides from Asia

Many other qualities like versatile interests, drive for life and ambitions make Western guys so appealing to lovely Asian beauties.

Pros & cons of Asian women


  • Sexy petite figures
  • Cute and youthful till old age
  • Prone to a healthy lifestyle
  • Respectful and loyal
  • Love dating/marriage with foreign men


  • Have a bad level of English
  • Less adventurous

How to buy Asian mail order brides in 2021?

One of the most burning questions is where to get a mail order bride from Asia. All the available options can be divided into two main categories: those that initially require traveling abroad and those that don’t. It is a great idea to pick a country like China or Vietnam and plan a vacation there. This way you’ll enjoy the culture and look for a wife at the same time.

But if the first option doesn’t work for you, there is always online dating. Looking for a suitable match online is a wonderful choice as dating sites are a go-to for many Asians and you’ll have a great selection of hot singles who share your intentions. So, stop looking for other ways of how to buy an Asian mail order bride, find a specialized platform, and start your love story today.

What makes Asian brides ideal partners?

A typical Asian lady is a match for you if you want to get a girl who has everything that men desire. Here are a few qualities that make them good for life:

  1. Caring. Kindness and love are what families are built from. Asian beauties have an integral desire to care for and surround loved ones with all the best.
  2. Supportive. Wisdom is very common in Asia, as their culture and society influence a lot of how women see relationships and man-woman relationships. Your girl will always be on your side, give good advice in any sphere of life, and even if she can’t, she will try her best to find ways to help.
  3. Traditional family values. The region was very distant from other cultures, and this helped them preserve traditional family values that are cherished to this day.

As you can see, incredible looks make Asian beauties great spouses and mothers. But their soul and kind character are really one of a kind. So, if you want an Asian order a bride online.

Asian bride’s attitude to family

A great part of how Asian ladies perceive family comes from the dynamics of their parents. Often they see a housewife and worker situation, as economic independence for women is still not common. This means that many girls from Asia are more inclined to see their partner’s word as the definitive. Asian beauties are also taught from a young age to adopt feminine traits, be good wives and mothers. Also, divorces are not common in Asia for both cultural and economic factors. Culturally, divorce is usually tabooed and economically women are usually financially dependent.

Bonuses of marriage with Asian mail order brides

A great thing that comes with stunning Asian wives is their culture. In an international family, you’ll have some sort of cultural exchange. If approached right, it can only enrich your world. Also, women from Asia are very into their cultural roots and you’ll explore a variety of new holidays and delicious cuisine.

Another great bonus of an Asian wife is her fierce loyalty. Their culture gives rise to fiercely loyal personalities and there’s very little downside to that. It’s fair to say that their worldview tends to be very “us-centered” whereas in the West it’s all about “me”.

Bottom line

You shouldn’t marry an Asian girl just because of her nationality, but because they are awesome. These ladies are sexy, beautiful, funny, and smart. They may seem very vulnerable and soft, but Asian beauties have an unbelievable reserve of inner strength that is just amazing.


Can I really order an Asian bride online?

Yes, you can. But don’t expect her to come in the mail.

Is it safe to buy a bride from Asia online?

Yes, if you choose a reliable dating site and be cautious of common dating red flags.

How to choose a reputable mail order bride site?

Check out reviews and user feedback to select a reliable site to join.

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