Jake Crona

Jake Crona

Hello, my name is Jake Crona and I am the author and the content manager of MailOrderBridesAgency.com. I absolutely understand that trusting information without knowing who provided it is a bad idea, so now I am going to tell you more about my life and my path to becoming one of the international dating enthusiasts.

There is nothing super special about me and my biography. I was born in Brodhead, Kentucky, and entered the Centre College in Danville. As you can see, I haven’t traveled too far from home and preferred dating local girls until one day when I met Marina. That changed my life, not only because I met my future wife who was half-Russian and half-Ukrainian but also because my view of other cultures and dating patterns in different societies has changed completely.

What does a regular guy think about Slavic women? 8 in 10 men would say something like “Well, they’re hot but you know, they are too cold and money-hungry, and all they want is to go to a beauty studio in the morning and meet their girlfriends at night”. That was pretty much my point of view, too.

I met Marina at the party — she was an international student, and I swear, I could never have thought that she is Slavic if she wouldn’t have that good old Russian accent. I’m not going to lie — her beauty was what attracted me, but soon I was obsessed with her personality. She was warm, caring, independent, incredibly strong, and smart (you know, moving to another country actually takes some courage), she knew exactly what she wanted and made every effort to achieve her goals. So, this was the first time when I realized that stereotypes and prejudices stop us from finding someone with another cultural background, no matter if this very person could make us happy. Yes, I married her, and that’s was the best decision in my life for now.

I worked as a freelance marketer for a few years until I received an email from Mail Order Brides Agency and I thought why not? I’m happy with a Slavic wife, so probably, if this platform is legal, I could help others to meet perfect matches, too. I started my craziest journey to the world of different traditions, dating cultures, national characters, and now I can say that our team provides our site visitors with relevant information on dating in different cultures. As you could have noticed, we also analyze the platforms that provide international dating services — after all, finding a girlfriend in another country is not that hard in the era of globalization, and our goal is to help you find a provider that can help you meet this goal.

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