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What is the best country to find a wife? Our world is full of beautiful women, and each nationality believes they have the best mail order brides. Many ladies from all over the globe want to marry a foreigner to open new horizons and learn a new culture.

However, everything depends on the kind of woman you are looking for, your intentions, and your preferences. This article describes mail order brides from different countries, so keep reading to determine the best place to find a wife.

Best mail order brides—What do statistics say?

best mail order brides

Looking for the best country for mail order brides? Pay attention to the statistics first. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, about 10,000 mail order bride marriages occur in the USA every year. The regions where most K1 fiancée visas were given in 2020 are:

  • Asia—35%
  • Eastern Europe—27%
  • Latin America—23%
  • Africa—15%

Based on the famous portal Quora, the most popular countries to find top mail order brides are the Philippines, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Ukraine, Russia, Mexico, and Nigeria.

Although the US fiancée visa statistics don’t give the exact number of mail order wives from each location in the world, it still shows which countries with mail order brides are popular among Western men. However, before starting your search, get the answer to the question, how much does it cost for a mail order bride?

Where to find the best wife in the world?—Best countries by women’s type

If you are still looking where to find a wife, consider searching for countries by women type. Whether you are on the lookout for a sexy Goodness or a compliant and sensible woman, you should know where to look for such ladies.

The sexiest mail order brides

South Korea is included in the top 15 countries to find a wife since it boasts the sexiest women who amaze men from all over the world with their beauty and passion. Also, it is one of the 3rd world countries mail order bride. South Korean women know how to take care of their husbands and spice up their intimate relationships. Though they have rather controversial views on relationships, they are ready to please and impress their husbands. If you are searching for the best foreign brides and are crazy about exotic beauty, consider South Korean ladies.

The calmest mail order brides

Vietnam is one of the best places to find a wife if you look for a calm and optimistic woman. Vietnamese ladies have a positive attitude to international marriage because of their views and values. Once you get married to a woman from Vietnam, she will create a special peaceful atmosphere in your family by embodying it with Asian traditions and elegance. If you are still pondering over the question: “Where can I find a good wife?”, Vietnam will be a nice choice.

The most loyal mail order brides

best country to find a wife

If you choose between the best countries to find a loyal wife, consider Japan. Being included in the 10 best countries to find a wife list, Japanese women make the hearts of numerous men go pitter-patter thanks to their loyalty and commitment. Aside from being witty and intelligent, Japanese ladies are quite loyal to their partners. They are always ready to find a compromise, regardless of the situation. Many Western men consider Japan the best country to find a wife since these women are well-educated and you won’t have any language barrier. Japanese women are excellent English speakers.

The most feminine mail order brides

Ukraine is the best place to find a wife, especially if you look for someone graceful and elegant.  Ukrainian girls are the definition of beauty and womanhood. They engage men by their perfect figures and attractive facial features. They have a sense of style like Hollywood stars. Many Ukrainian ladies speak English fluently and know American and Canadian traditions, so a lot of men consider Ukraine the best country for a foreign wife.

The most passionate mail order brides

If you are looking for the best Latin country to find a wife, consider Argentina. It is a land of passion and excitement. Latin ladies are fantastic lovers and excellent spouses. With savory figures, sun-kissed skin, and pretty smiles, these ladies win the hearts of men worldwide. Furthermore, Argentinian ladies are easy-going and affectionate. You will never get bored with your future wife. Considering these factors, Argentina is one of the best countries to find a wife.

Where to buy a wife?–Popular mail order bride destinations

If you are wondering which nationality makes the best wives, familiarize yourself with these destinations. These ladies are sought-after among those men who are looking for the best foreign wives.

  • Asia. If you want to find the best wife in the world, consider Asia. Asian ladies are known for their exotic appearance and miniature forms. They are the most supportive wives and caring mothers. Asian ladies are one of the best foreign women to marry. They will give you as much attention as you need and even more.
  • Europe. If the question “Where can I buy a wife?” bothers you, consider Europe as a perfect destination to find a top wife. European ladies are modern, stylish, and open to new experiments in love. Here you will definitely find the best woman to marry.
  • Latin. Still wondering where to buy a wife? Latin America boasts gorgeous ladies. Many of them are all about building strong bonds with a foreigner. Latin ladies are great at creating strong families with a healthy atmosphere.
  • Slavic. Where can I find a wife that has a Slavic ethnicity? Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland are the best countries to find a wife with Slavic roots. These ladies will blow you away with their allegiance and natural loveliness.

10 best countries to find a wife

best place to find a wife in the world

Those who are on the lookout for the best country to meet a wife should consider such options as:

  1. China
  2. South Korea
  3. Vietnam
  4. Colombia
  5. Mexico
  6. Ukraine
  7. Brazil
  8. Argentina
  9. Russia
  10. Nigeria

Although these are the best countries to meet a wife, you may search in other areas. Overall, it is pretty challenging to determine the best country for mail order brides since they boast unique ladies and have different traditions. 


What is the best city to find a wife?

If it comes to the best city to find a wife, it is better to pay attention to the large cities rather than small towns. The larger the city, the higher chances to find your soulmate. In case you are looking for the best place to find a wife in the USA, consider small towns since ladies are more family-oriented there.

What is the best country for mail order brides?

If you are searching for the best countries to meet a wife, consider your preferences first. If you are crazy about exotic Asian beauty, Vietnam or China will be a perfect choice. On the other hand, those who prefer Slavic appearance may find Russia the best place to find a wife in the world.

Where can I find a new wife?

If you have no idea where to find a good wife, approach dedicated services. Reputable marriage agencies will help you solve the issue of where to get a wife.

Is a foreign wife a good partner for a Western man?

Once you determine what country has the best wives, you should study its traditions. Thus, you can understand whether the lifestyle and values of your foreign wife will work for you.

Is there a single best country for foreign wife?

There isn’t any single best country for foreign wife. All you need is to determine which kind of women you like the most and what you expect from your relationships. There are a lot of potential wives from different destinations waiting for someone like you.

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