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Chinese mail order brides have been adored among Americans for years. Thousands of guys dream to find mail order bride from China. If you also want to know where to get a mail order bride from this country, we have a perfect article. Learn why Chinese mail order wives are so popular, how to have a perfect relationship with Chinese beautiful foreign brides, and a lot more on how to order a bride online!

💘 Success rate81%
🇨🇳 % of men who choose Chinese girls57%
👍 Which dating sites do they recommendCuteAsianWoman
👧 Average age 27
💳 Credit costFrom $2.99
💰 Average costFrom $3,000
✅ LegalityYes
❓ Why Chinese bride?Intelligent, obedient. Exotic 

Find mail order bride from China—how to buy a Chinese bride easily?

To meet international mail order brides from China, all you have to do is use an online dating website. Online dating sites can offer you simplicity and convenience of communication, which is all you need to have the best time of your life with a Chinese bride.

Using a dating site to order a Chinese bride online is easy—first, you create an account and fill out a profile. Then, you need to use tools available on the site to search for girls that may be suitable for you. Next, you contact girls that you like. And that is basically it! Nothing complicated or challenging. And most sites will assist you with everything you may need!

6 Most Trusted Chinese Women Dating Sites 2022

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Peculiarities of Chinese mail order wives

For all guys who are interested in oversea brides from China, this section will help you learn a lot about these girls. Starting a serious relationship requires you to know your date, and here we can tell you everything you need!

Chinese girls are active, sociable, and family-oriented. They may seem cold and distant at first, but it is usually because most Asian girls are rather shy, especially when communicating with foreigners. So, even if you see that your date is not that friendly, just give her some time, and she will get used to you.

Another peculiarity worth mentioning is the fact that these ladies are eager to learn everything about Western culture. Asian women are obsessed with the West, which is why you will find your date being interested in anything that is somehow related.

🧹 Household chores9/10
😊 Sincerity8/10
💋 Family life9/10
☀️ Hard-working nature8/10
🥘 National dishes cooking 10/10

What do Chinese women look like?

The beauty of Chinese brides is striking and multi-faceted:

  • They have delicate Oriental features and gorgeous eyes.
  • Their hair is sleek and shiny, usually black or very dark-brown.
  • Chinese girls are petite but with lovely curves.
  • They have a unique style that is always flattering to their features.

What are the personalities of Chinese brides?

Personality-wise, Chinese brides are some of the most charming ones you’ll ever meet:

  • They are educated and well-read, and they know they are destined for great things in life.
  • They are deeply family-oriented and will never put a career over their family obligations.
  • They are kind and understanding, but demand respect and kindness in return.
  • They are strong and resilient, but love to feel protected by their partners.
  • They are incredibly romantic and will always keep the romance alive in a relationship.

Chinese brides—positive and negative traits

Dating a woman from another country requires knowing all the good and bad. Although Chinese mail order brides are phenomenal to date online, they are not perfect, and you may face some challenges along the way. We want you to be aware of those challenges and be ready for them. In the meantime, take a look at the pros and cons of Chinese international brides dating!


  • Exceptional number of potential brides. Most sites have thousands of active accounts of real and legit girls from this country.
  • Women from China are eager to start a family with a foreigner. They have all the skills and knowledge to be excellent wives and mothers.
  • Girls from this country are desired for their unique beauty and Eastern grace.
  • It is rather easy to marry a woman from China because most of them are eager to relocate to the United States or any other Western country.


  • Cultural differences. Even though Chinese mail order brides are obsessed with the West, you will face cultural differences. To avoid this problem, it is better to learn a few things about China and its culture.
  • Language barrier. Chinese girls for marriage and online dating usually have rather poor spoken English. You will have decent written communication, but most of the time, video or audio chats won’t be very effective.
Chinese mail order brides

Ladies from this country are popular because they are mysterious and unique. Asian beauty and grace are the two most popular reasons for so many Asian mail order brides in the United States. Men go crazy when seeing petite, exotic, and attractive Chinese wives. Also, the popularity of women from this country can be explained by the fact that they are just loyal and humble. If you are a strong and strict man, you would like these humble and even obedient girls to be around you.

We are proud of these stories of happy couples

George (37) and Lin (27)

Our story with Lin was unconventional by traditional romantic standards. Instead of waiting for me to reach out to her, she contacted me first. I surely didn’t mind that level of activity, and it’s safe to say that we hit it off. This happened a little over a year ago. Since then, we have already met in person twice — once in China and once in the US. We have also decided to get married and Lin is currently waiting for her visa for it to happen. – CuteAsianWoman

Martin (36) and Song (32)

There are no words to describe how grateful I am to OrchidRomance for connecting me to the love of my life. Song is the woman I’ve been looking for without even knowing. She allowed me to see what kind of relationship I really wanted. We have only been talking for three months and we are already discussing marriage. We are video chatting with each other every evening and she’s even more beautiful in person than she is in the photos!

Jonathan (37) and Fen (33)

AsianMelodies was the first dating site I joined, and I was really surprised when I met my current girlfriend on my first try. Fen was someone I was instantly attracted to, so imagine my relief when it turned out she felt the same way. We have been chatting and talking on the phone every day for the last six months and I feel like we are really close now. We are meeting in person in China next month, and if everyone goes well, I’m going to ask her to marry me.

Owen (41) and Mei (25)

Before I met Mei, I spent a couple of months on DateNiceAsian. I met some lovely women on the site, but I didn’t connect to them as much as I did to Mei. I took just one look at her profile and instantly knew we were meant to be together. We have known each other for almost a year and recently we took our relationship to the next level by spending two weeks together in China.

Terry (48) and Lily (37)

We met online on EasternHoneys and felt an instant connection. This connection is now becoming stronger every day. We are planning to meet in person in a month or so, but we have already discussed marriage and we are confident that we want to be together for life.

Why do Chinese girls become mail order brides?

If you know a thing or two about Chinese culture, then you must also know that Chinese women take marriage very seriously. They want to get married once and for the marriage to last forever. And for many Chinese ladies, Western men are preferable to Chinese guys. There are several reasons for that:

  • Fascination with Westerners. It’s no secret that Western men are extremely popular in China, and Chinese women for marriage are simply attracted to them and everything they represent.
  • Control and restrictions. Chinese society is famously controlling, and so are many Chinese families, while the women want to live their lives however they want.
  • Better opportunities. China is a big and relatively prosperous country, but Chinese people are famously ambitious, so a woman may view marriage as a way to better possibilities.

Where to meet your own Chinese girlfriend for marriage?

As a Western man living in the 21st century, you have two options for meeting Chinese women. 

Option #1 is to visit China and meet women there. This can be a fascinating experience, but it’s also pretty expensive and doesn’t always work because people in China can be wary of foreigners.

Option #2 is online dating, and it’s definitely the most convenient, affordable, and effective one out of the two. You also don’t need to talk to just one woman if you like to have some freedom of choice. These are three of our most recommended Chinese dating services:

  • Eastern Honeys — a site where new profiles appear daily.
  • Asian Melodies — a site with only verified female profiles.
  • CuteAsianWoman — a site that offers the widest variety of communication tools.

How to create a standout profile on a dating site?

If you expect Chinese brides to reach out to you, you need to have a profile that they cannot miss. Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Add more than one profile photo and make sure they are all flattering and showcase your fascinating personality.
  2. Mention your favorite things, such as books and movies, to give the ladies something to use in their first message.
  3. Be honest, but don’t put everything out there. There should be some mystery about you to keep the women interested.

Will there be a language barrier with a Chinese bride?

Chinese brides

In short, yes, there may be a language barrier because even though Chinese ladies know English at some level, it’s not always enough for full-scale communication. The good news is that they get better with time, and you can also use online and offline translation services to streamline your connection.

What to expect when you marry a China mail order bride

Want to know what to expect from marriage to a Chinese woman before you even find a Chinese wife? This is why Western men who married Chinese ladies say they couldn’t be happier with their choice of a spouse.

  • Your homemade meals will be off the charts. Food in China is far from being solely a source of sustenance. Cooking and then eating together is a part of the culture. This is why it’s not surprising that cooking is a special thing for Chinese women, and they take it seriously.
  • You will want to start a family ASAP. You don’t need a deep knowledge of Chinese history to understand that having children is something Chinese ladies don’t take lightly. They also don’t want to put off this special moment until they grow older. And when you see how good they are with kids, you will also want to start your family sooner.
  • You’ll also get a loyal best friend. Chinese women never create a marriage using only passion and mutual attraction as a foundation. They want to marry someone who shares their interests, respects them and whom they respect. In other words, they want to marry their best friend. A Chinese wife is someone who will always understand and support you.

How your life will change when you buy Chinese wife

The short version of the answer to this question is that your life will be exactly like you imagined it when you dreamed about marrying a Chinese woman. Despite some stereotypes about Chinese ladies being completely untrue or downright offensive, as we’ve established earlier, the majority of them are rooted in reality. This is why most of the things you hope for right now will come true once you actually get to know your future Chinese wife.

It’s not enough to know how to find a Chinese wife — you also need to know what to expect from your future marriage:

  • You will get the most reliable, trusted partner you’ve ever had.
  • Your family life will be full of support, kindness, and care.
  • You’ll familiarize yourself with every delicious aspect of Chinese cuisine.
  • Your wife will be the sensual, unselfish lover you’ve always dreamed of.
  • You will get the most affectionate and nurturing mother for your future kids.

What kind of men should look for Chinese brides for sale?

Like most foreign mail order brides, a Chinese wife is probably not for everyone. Want to know if you’re the kind of man who can benefit the most from having a Chinese spouse? Here are the three must-have qualities for that to happen:

Chinese girls
  • Ready for commitment. You should know that Chinese brides online are only looking for someone they can create a family with, so you should be ready for the ultimate commitment.
  • Flexible. Even if you have a clear idea of how your life should go, you should also be open to changing some aspects of your future to accommodate your partner’s needs.
  • Deeply honest. If there is one thing Chinese girls for sale cannot stand in their romantic partners, it’s dishonesty. No matter how much you think the truth will hurt, it’s always better to just say it.

How much does it cost to buy a Chinese wife?

Right now, the most effective and affordable way to meet Chinese brides is to use dating sites. But how much does it all cost? There is no static price because the overall budget consists of several parts, including:

  • Online dating. Here you’ll likely pay for a monthly membership, as well as any features not offered by the membership, such as video chat or virtual gifts.
  • Offline dating. When visiting your bride in China, you’ll need to cover most of the expenses, including plane tickets, accommodations, food, entertainment, and gifts for the lady.
  • Chinese wedding ceremony. If everything goes well, you’ll need to plan a Chinese wedding, which involves a tea ceremony and other historically significant events.

All in all, you can expect to spend up to $20,000, including the wedding ceremony, or up to $5,000 if you’re only counting online and offline dating.

FAQ about the Chinese bride price

Can you actually buy a wife?

No, you cannot. The term “Chinese mail order wife” simply refers to the process of searching for Chinese women for bride online and then dating one of them both online and offline with the possibility of marriage, although it’s not guaranteed.

Why shouldn’t you use 100% free dating sites?

There are some free sites aimed at foreign men looking for serious relationships with Chinese girls without actually visiting China. However, these sites are not a good option for one reason: free sites usually don’t have the resources to create a safe, scam-free dating environment for everyone.

Can you send money or gifts to Chinese brides?

Trusted dating sites don’t have the option to send money to your future Chinese mail order wife, and for good reason — back when online dating scam was a bigger threat than it is right now, money used to be often involved in it. Sending gifts, on the other hand, is not just possible, but also preferred — they allow you to make some girl’s day with just a few clicks.

Top 3 myths about Chinese women

Chinese brides have a unique position on the international dating scene. On the one hand, there are probably more Chinese mail order brides than other foreign women you can meet online. On the other hand, not many men have actually met them. This is why there are so many myths you can hear about them, and these 3 are the most common ones:

  • Chinese girls are cold and reserved. In reality, this is how Chinese ladies protect themselves from possible heartbreak. They will quickly open up to the right person.
  • Chinese brides for marriage are bossy. Chinese women definitely like it when everything is going right and according to the plan, but they achieve it through discussion and cooperation.
  • Women from China are stingy with money. Women from China are practical and resourceful. They don’t like wasting money, so that’s a plus, but their families always have everything they need.

Dating Chinese mail order women — what is it like?

It depends on what kind of girl you seek and what relationships you want to have. As mentioned above, the majority of Chinese mail order brides are rather shy and obedient. Some guys even call girls from this country submissive. It doesn’t mean that you can do anything with your bride. We just imply that you will be in charge of a relationship with a Chinese mail order wife. Dating a girl from this country is great because you will get a lot of attention from your date. The most important thing to remember is to respect your woman—don’t let her shyness and humble behavior become a tyrant.

How to get a Chinese bride to like you from the start

When you are meeting Chinese wives online, there may not be as many opportunities to impress them as in real life. Every word you say counts, and women can quickly move on to someone who can impress them more. Here are three ways to succeed in online dating.

Making the first impression

The key thing here is not to appear disinterested. Men are often afraid of making it seem like they are trying too hard to make a good impression on someone, which leads to it looking like they don’t care at all. A Chinese bride definitely wants you to care. Moreover, she wants you to show it. So, for example, instead of dropping a short first line, write her a whole letter. Introduce yourself and explain what attracted you to her profile. That way, she’ll know that you took the time to actually read it.

Getting to know a Chinese girl better

When you are debating whether a question you want to ask is too personal or not, it’s best to ask it than not ask it and then regret it. A Chinese lady will definitely enjoy seeing you having a genuine interest in her life, so even if you get too personal at times, it’s only a sign that you want to get to know the real her. Soon you’ll know each other’s limits and how far it’s appropriate to go when asking each other questions.

Chinese women

Finding out what she’s looking for

While you are having small talk, discussing weather, TV shows, books and whatnot, never forget the main reason why you signed up for a dating website in the first place. This is why you should also discuss each other’s plans for the nearest future. Talk about the kind of family you want, so that both you and your potential bride know you’re on the same page in terms of your life together.

How to organize a first-class date for a Chinese girl?

Those who are on the lookout for a China wife for sale should learn the preferences of their girlfriend to organize a top-notch date night. China has a lot of places to explore. So, if you want to build close bonds with your Chinese partner, you will need to choose the right place for your first date. Check out this list to visit the most suitable location for your romantic venture.

  • Beijing Hutongs is an unconventional yet surprisingly romantic place. Here you can learn more about local people and plunge into the Chinese culture. 
  • Yulong River, Yangshuo, Guilin. This place will definitely impress your girlfriend, even if she’s already been there. You can enjoy the idyllic landscape and picturesque rural scenery. What could be more romantic? 
  • Mt. Huangshan, Anhui. If your Chinese girlfriend likes adventures, why not organize a romantic date near the most famous mountain in China.
  • The Bund, Shanghai, is the best spot for those who can arrange a romantic dinner and take a stroll along the 1.5-kilometer-long promenade with their significant others. 
  • West Lake, Hangzhou. If you want to evoke your romantic mood and enjoy unique scenery, feel free to visit this mermazing location. 

We recommend these places in China to impress your future wife:

The most useful tip of having a winning date with a Chinese girl is to be your normal self and preserve confidence. Try to be a good listener and conversation maker. Chinese women like men with a good sense of humor. Show your interest in your spouse, and you will certainly enjoy your date. 

Chinese girlfriend

Both the concept of marriage online and sites that provide these services are somewhat of a gray area from a legal standpoint. Some believe that these sites are not really legal, or that marriage to a foreign woman you met online is illegal. This myth was also perpetuated by several highly publicized legal battles involving mail order brides.

Let’s start by saying that it’s perfectly legal to marry a woman you met online, although the legal status of the bride is protected by two important pieces of legislation, IMBRA and VAWA. Moreover, there is nothing illegal about international dating sites, as long as they don’t offer something like “Chinese girl for sell”. The decision to date and get married should belong to the woman herself and not be influenced by any monetary compensation.


In case you desire more information about phenomenal Chinese mail order brides and where to get them, here you can take a look at some common questions about the subject matter.

Is online dating with a Chinese bride legal?

Of course! Mail order bride agencies offer you a chance to communicate with a foreign bride. She is not forced to do so and can stop dating a guy whenever she wants. The legality of such communication is ensured through the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act and The Violence Against Women Act.

Can you marry a woman from China after chatting with her online?

This is the whole point of international online mail order bride services in particular. Some sites can assist you in finding, buying, and marrying a Chinese bride. So, yes, you can do it.

How much does it take to find a bride from China?

You can find a date from this country for free—searching and profile browsing is usually free of charge on most dating sites. However, if you desire to find, meet, and buy a bride online, it can take you around $50-100 per month. The number of months depends on your communication skills!

What kind of men do brides seek?

The majority of girls that you will find are going to look for strong and responsible men who are ready to start a family. If you are not afraid of responsibilities and can make important decisions, then you will be perfect for a woman from this country. However, you can find a girl perfect for you—you will have to just look harder!

What is the best thing to do on a date with a Chinese wife?

Be yourself. Forget that you are dating online—consider every single online date as if it was a real one. Don’t pretend to be someone else. If you have serious intentions of marrying a Chinese woman, you need to show her who you really are.

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