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You might be looking for a reliable online dating platform, and the good news is that if you have found this article, you are on the right path. Love Fort is a website that will surprise you not only with the range of different women but their conversation initiation. All you need to do is to go through an easy registration procedure that will help you get a perfect match. In this article, you are going to introduce yourself to a real Love Fort review. So, let’s get started. 

Total Score of LoveFort
Our Rating
93% Overall score
Total sum (max 60):56
Ease of use
10 of 10
Customer service
8 of 10
Quality and profiles
10 of 10
Safety and antiscam
10 of 10
Success rate
9 of 10
Ease of meeting
9 of 10
LoveFort Pros
  • Free credits for communication
  • Detailed search to find a compatible partner
  • Secure translations in case your lady has a low English level
LoveFort Cons
  • No mobile application is available
  • No video calls, which is not a big deal especially when you are just getting to know each other

How to create an account: A detailed guide

LoveFort sign in process is easy and fast. It takes approximately 2-3 minutes to do it. Here is what you include in the registration form:

  • Personal information (age, sex, gender, date of birth).
  • Choose the sex of the future partner.
  • Give an email address and create a reliable password. You will get a verification message in your email. 

Then comes a lengthier process—creating an account. It might take more than 3 minutes, but it will help you find the right woman faster

  1. Go through a questionnaire that will help other females learn more about you. Here you should include the information about the qualities of the partner you appreciate the most, your goal on the website, your attitude to smoking and drinking, and even an appearance you would like to see in your future partner. 
  2. Flick through search filters where you indicate the more detailed information of a woman you are looking for: her age, religion, marital status, city of birth, education, etc. 
  3. Upload your high-quality photos and enjoy the first 20 free credits. Then you will need to pay for the communication features. 

Main features to know

Among different LoveFort dating site reviews, you can see a lot of comments about features people adore:

  • Extended search for single hot women.
  • Contacting customer support. This is also a good indicator of reliability.
  • Browsing the site.
  • 20 credits for free. You can use them to initiate a message with an amazing woman.
  • Let’s talk feature, which is a great ice-breaker between you and your Latin woman. Message templates are offered to users who have no idea how to start a conversation.
  • NewsFeed. This is a cool feature you can use to learn about the dating life of these people. Also, you get notifications about who is new on the platform. 

Thanks to these main features, you can delve into dating without worries. You are given the opportunity to find the most compatible women and use 20 free credits to interact with them.

What girls use LoveFort, and how to find them?

LoveFort review shows that most of the ladies are from Latin America. The average age of a woman is 25 years. You can find them in two ways: by just pressing on a search, where a lot of random profiles pop up, or by using search filters to narrow the search to more specific women. 

lovefort registration

Extended search filters and good usability can help you find the most compatible partner based on her location, age, gender, marital status, etc.

lovefort sign up log in

Cost of dating on LoveFort

People who desire to engage in conversations on the LoveFort dating site can use 20 free credits, but after them, they should pay attention to paid LoveFort credits: 

First 20 credits
$ 2.99
20 credits
$ 9.99
50 credits
$ 19.99
125 credits
$ 44.99
250 credits
$ 69.99
750 credits
$ 149.99

You can purchase credits at any time and use them abruptly.

Now we are heading to communication costs: 

  • 10 credits per attachment (of a picture)
  • 5 credits to send a sticker
  • 2 credits per one minute of communication
  • 10 credits for viewing the attached photos in mails
  • 50 credits for opening the video in mails

Moreover, if you desire to move to the next level with your lady, you can send her virtual or offline presents. Here the price depends on your generosity. 

Photo attachment10
Sending a sticker5
Conversation for 1 minute2
Viewing attached photos10
Opening videos 50

Calculate how much your future girlfriend will cost on LoveFort

I originally came from...
I am searching for a life-long woman from...
I'm going to chat on the site with a bride for... month
I'm prepared to spend money on flowers and gifts for my mail-order bride...
I'm planning to visit my fiancée's homeland...
I also wanted to attach a K1 visa fee

LoveFort dating site has positive reviews because it offers people both paid and free options. Among free options are: 

Free options

  • Registration
  • Setting up your personal page
  • Search filters to find suitable ladies
  • Newsfeed
  • Heading to customer support
  • Sending photos in mails

lovefort girl profiles

With the help of free options, you are able to meet the right person by using search filters and include a lot of information about yourself while creating an account. But when it goes to creating a deeper connection with women, here go paid options, like:

Paid options

  • Credit packages
  • Communication tool credits
  • Virtual gifts

In this case, you pay for the communication with ladies you liked. 

From my perspective, the biggest advantage of paying for conversations on LoveFort is that you don’t waste your time on unnecessary talks and move fast to business.

How to avoid getting scammed?

After the LoveFort login, men rush to search for women and start communication with not only one but many. However, you should be careful with it because even a legit website like Love Fort has a tiny percentage of scammers.

When you read the Love Fort review, you can notice even a couple of negative comments about scams. Nevertheless, remember, you can get scammed not because of the platform but because of your simple mistakes. So, how not to get scammed on Love fort? Here are a few non-scam dating tips: 

  • Never give your personal information to any user. Some men can share their insurance information, card info, or email details. It doesn’t matter how much you trust a girl on the opposite side of the world, never fall into this trap.
  • Do not pay attention to non-verified profiles. Thankfully, LoveFort has a photo verification policy that guarantees you to communicate with the woman you see in the photo. 
  • Do not send money to any user. Some sly females can tell you about their problems in life, their parents in the hospital, etc. Remember, no one has the right to demand money from you. 
  • If you feel something sketchy from a girl, just inform customer support. They are here to help you. 

These security measures will help you avoid scammers and make your dating experience more positive.

Unique tools on the site

LoveFort proposes some unique tools you can use to get the most out of your dating experience. As was mentioned above, Newsfeed is a great get-to-know-her tool that can help you learn a lot about females lives just by looking at their daily routine. They often share their stories and interests there.

LoveFort also proposes a Let’s talk tool where you can initiate communication easier. 

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Obviously, this LoveFort review has proven to be a must-use website where you can meet, communicate and build a deep bond with stunning women. With a help of free features, you can start a journey, and paid features will help you jazz it a bit. The more features you use on Love Fort, the more chances you have to start serious relationships with the desired woman.


Is LoveFort legit?

Of course, LoveFort is a legit website that has photo verification, trustworthy customer support, and real profiles of single ladies. You can sign in easily and look for a woman of your needs.

Are there premium memberships available on Love Fort? 

Unfortunately, now there is no premium membership for users. LoveFort uses the credit system, which works as a basic membership option.

Can I see users who viewed my profile? 

Yes, you can see users interested in you or at least checked your profile. However, this is a special LoveFort paid feature, with the help of which you can see the user and flick through her information.

What is the limit of the number of photos I can upload? 

According to the Love Fort review, you can upload a maximum of 5 photos to your profile. By the way, you are also allowed to upload a video with yourself so that women would have more desire to start a chat with you since they now know that you are 100% a real person.

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