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Europe is often associated with love as it is a land of the most romantic places like Paris or Milan. It’s also a land of gorgeous European mail oder wives who have a kind heart, adventurous character, and love for foreign men. Interest is mutual as westerners also into European mail order brides. Many single men are trying to find a mail order bride from Europe to build a happy family together.

If you want to learn what makes a European mail order bride so special and why you should search for one of them, keep on reading our article. Also, get valuable insight on the best ways of how to buy a mail order bride.

Why do men choose European mail order brides?

Hot European mail order women have always been a dream of many single guys. Men are eager to travel the continents to get a chance to date and marry a gorgeous European lady. We can share 5 main qualities that make them so appealing to Western men.

European mail order women
  1. Different beauty. Gorgeous foreign mail order brides from Europe are blessed with diverse beauty types. Some of them are long-legged blondes, others are petite brunettes or redheads with beautiful green eyes. Their hair can be straight, curly, or silky-smooth. For example, Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic ladies have a distinctive Nordic look with icy-blonde hair, blue or light-grey eyes, and very pale skin. Also, in the last two hundred years, even the poor European countries have had access to high-quality food, good healthcare, which makes them healthier and therefore better-looking.
  2. Great sense of style. The main thing that strikes everyone about modern girls from Europe is that they can show their femininity and exquisite sense of style while being influential and successful at work.
  3. Close to Western mentality. Almost all European countries are highly influenced by Western trends, which brings assimilation. Marrying a European bride you won’t have lots of cultural misunderstandings or that many things to get used to.
  4. Confidence. One of the biggest reasons why European women are perceived as so beautiful has to do with the confident way in which they carry themselves. Most women are self-assured and liberated which is very sexy and adored by Western men.
  5. Easy-going personalities. Another great quality of European beauties that is loved by Western guys is their adventurous character and friendly personalities. It’s easy to start chatting to a European girl as any conversation is as easy as breathing.

Note that these qualities are generalizations and not all European ladies have all of them. Get to know your girl, as real beauties from Europe are one of a kind and full of positive surprises.

Do European women marry Western men?

Not only Western men are interested in European beauties but also girls treat them with mutual interest and love. According to this statistic, one in twelve marriages in the EU is an international one. Here are the main reasons why European ladies are becoming international mail order brides and want to marry a Western man:

  • Desire to be loved. A number one reason why European beauties join online dating sites is to find a true partner for life, settle down and start a family.
  • Wish to have a serious relationship at an early age. Guys in Europe tend to marry close to their 30s or 40s, which makes a pool of potential husbands quite narrow.
  • Belief that guys from the West are more ambitious and can provide a good quality of life. Many European countries are quite wealthy and women get used to a certain level of comfort that they believe Western guys can only better.
  • Admiration for the Western “lifestyle.” Ladies from Europe like the go-getter mentality of Western men, which is very different from a slower-paced European lifestyle.
European beauties

Pros & Cons of dating European mail order brides


  1. You can find women of all beauty types
  2. European ladies are graceful and feminine
  3. Women from Europe are ambitious and smart
  4. European mail order brides have mentality that is quite similar to the Western one
  5. Singles from Europe don’t mind international dating, especially when it comes to dating American men


  1. Depending on the country you choose, you’ll need to get used to cultural differences
  2. Language barriers can be a difficulty if you choose Italy or France as dating destinations

Where to get a mail order bride from Europe?

There are so many ways to find a hot European girl as with modern technologies and the internet there are no borders to love. But mainly there are two options available:

  • Pick a European country to visit. European beauty is so diverse that regardless of your preference for women you can find someone special from one of the countries in the region. Note that European women don’t only look different, they may also have various characters and values. So, before picking a particular country, explore what women from that country are like in real life. Your expenses may also vary depending on the country you choose to visit. For example, a trip to France (New York–⁠Paris) will cost from $256 for a flight and a trip to Ukraine (New York–Kyiv) is from $469.
  • Join a European dating site. An easier way to find mail order bride from Europe is to use an international brides dating site. Initially, you don’t need to go anywhere or make changes to your busy schedule. With a reputable mail order bride site with European women you can date anytime and from anywhere in the world. Another reason why it’s better to buy a bride from Europe online is that you can choose from a vast variety of women that are also looking for a potential husband.

Attitude to family of a typical European bride

Commonly European women marry after 30 and prefer to have one or two kids. There is no social pressure to marry young in the majority of European countries with the only exception—the Eastern European region, where Slavic girls grow up and are surrounded by people with more traditional beliefs.

European families are very big and close. Even though having many children is not common, members of the family and distant relatives are usually very close and prefer to spend holidays together. So with a hot European mail order wife you’ll get a big loving family.

What to expect after marriage with a European bride?

Family is usually a top priority for European women regardless of which country they are from. But the dynamic of the relationship after marriage is a bit different from what you’re probably used to. Here are the main differences:

  • Partnership dynamic. Beautiful foreign brides from Europe are usually quite independent and are not looking for a man because they need one, but they are looking for a true partner for life. Typical relationships are built on mutual respect, care, and sharing the same goals in life.
  • Lots of personal space. European beauties have enough hobbies and interests to be busy with, which gives their partners a lot of personal time in the relationship. European wives want to be supported and prefer the quality of the time spent than the quantity.
  • Many couples live a few years together before having kids. This is quite common in Europe. The reasoning is to enjoy some time together as a family before bringing in children to this world.

If you like the cultural peculiarities of European beauties, then order a bride online now. But note that all women are different and you need to get to know your girl before starting a more or less serious relationship.


Europe is the perfect place to look for a future wife as you have the biggest choice when it comes to beauty, figures, and personality. If you have a particular type to search for, the chances are high, you’ll find an exact match to your desires.


What is the best European country to look for a wife?

It depends on what you are looking for. To have the biggest variety, you can  choose Ukraine or Russia, or if you like more olive-skin beauties, go for Italy, Greece, or Spain.

Do European girls speak English?

The majority of younger girls speak fine English, but more mature beauties usually experience a language barrier. Still, they are usually willing to learn a foreign language to understand the one they love.

Are European women gold-diggers?

Some of the ladies might be looking for a sugar daddy, but you can usually see a girl’s dating goal on any dating site.

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