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The mystery of Japanese mail order wives has always enticed men. Their unique beauty, elegance, femininity, and mastery in communication with guys make them so desired. But there is far more that Japanese mail order brides have up their sleeve. If you feel like a long-distance relationship with a hot mail order bride from Japan, enjoy the ultimate guide on everything you should know about these stunning women before committing to a serious relationship.

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After dating online has become a global trend, single Western guys have more chances to connect to beautiful Japanese mail order women. This is why only in 2019, 541 Japanese oversea brides came to America to get married. And here is what makes a Japanese woman for marriage so desired by Westerns:

  • Unique beauty. A gorgeous Japanese mail order bride is the embodiment of oriental beauty. The clear porcelain skin, delicate facial features, and shiny straight black hair made beautiful foreign brides from Japan desired globally. They also are big fans of a natural look and youthfulness, which creates a unique combination that you won’t find anywhere. And the stylish outfits only add to their charm.
  • Elegance. Men love feminine women and amazing Japanese mail oder wives have it in their blood. No wonder why geishas, representatives of the art of elegance, originated in this country.
  • Mystery. There is something very magnetic in the way Japanese international mail order brides do simple things. Their graceful moves, bright smiles, positivity, and magnificent feminine energy is a part of the Eastern charm of foreign mail order brides from Japan.
  • Wisdom. Hot Japanese ladies for marriage are so desired because of their intelligence. Cultural background and education make women know what they care about and want from life. They are great at supporting their partner, being by his side, and communicating misunderstandings before they grow into problems.
  • Diversity. Another amazing thing about a Japanese girl for marriage is how interesting she is. Her number of interests and unusual tastes will amaze you. Any international brides dating opens new horizons, but these ladies can show you the whole new world.
  • Devotion. Traditional family culture in the country is founded on loyalty and devotion to each other.  A gorgeous Japanese bride for a foreign husband is not a partner, but a part of him, as people when they get married unite in one. Ladies from Japan value commitment, so after starting a family they won’t get cold feet or even thought of jeopardizing the union.

These core traits are the number one reason why so many guys choose these ladies among all other Asian girls for dating. However, Japanese beauties have even more things that will wow you.

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Do ladies from Japan seek relationships with Western men?

We can’t say that all women in Japan are open to international relationships and want to marry guys from Western countries. Their society has been isolated for a long time and remains quite reserved, which is why some women choose only to date locally. But modern Japanese international dating also has a lot of supporters and there are a lot of beautiful women that pick Westerners to date.

Japan is economically developed but it comes at a price. People tend to work a lot, 50 hours a week on average. Naturally, it makes time to find love very limited, so women register to special dating platforms and you can buy a Japanese bride online. Also, local ladies believe Westerns to be more attentive, smart, decisive, and manly, which makes such relationships work.

How to find real Japanese mail order wives?

With lots of modern opportunities it’s easy to find a Japanese mail order bride of your dreams. So, if you were wondering where to get a Japanese mail order bride, you generally have two options available. You can either travel to the country itself or you can become a member of a reliable dating site. Let’s explore how effective these options are.

Visiting Japan

Japan is worth visiting. However, be ready that it’s quite expensive and time-consuming. And also, local beauties don’t trust foreigners trying to get acquainted on the streets, which makes your task even harder.

Joining a dating site

More time-effective solution is becoming a member of an Asian dating site. They allow you to order a Japanese bride online, by creating an account and selecting from a huge database of potential partners. You can filter brides by any criteria you want to approach only the most suitable and compatible women.

Pros and cons of dating hot Japanese women


  • Oriental beauty
  • Sexy figures
  • Youthful looks
  • Eastern charm
  • Wisdom
  • Moving abroad is not a problem for these girls


  • Low level of English
  • Traveling tends to be expensive
japanese wife for sale

How build a relationship with Japanese mail order women?

As you know how to buy a Japanese mail order bride it’s only a matter of time when you find a beautiful girl you like. But what next? Selecting a compatible woman is only the start of your journey and there is a long way before it becomes more. But we gathered some valuable insight into the peculiarities of dating in the country. Explore all the secrets of the traditional dating scene to prepare for your future relationship.

  1. Be creative in approaching a girl you like online. Starting with a compliment is good, but a boring idea. Beautiful Japanese ladies receive a lot of messages and letters from suitors, so you need to find a way to stand out.
  2. Don’t go bananas with gifts. During the first stages of a relationship, it’s easy to be too much. In dating culture, there is a tradition of small gifts, with emphasis on small. Instead of gold jewelry or an iPhone that will create an image that you just want to buy the girl, pick something inexpensive but memorable.
  3. Don’t push paying for everything. Courtship works for some ladies, but others prefer to pay together or switch times.
  4. Prove your intentions. A reputable Japanese mail order bride is looking only for absolute commitment. If you are not ready yet, you better not puzzle over a girl’s feelings, as one of the reasons women are seeking men from abroad is their disappointment by local guys’ commitment.
  5. Discuss your future together. Japanese families are so strong because people care about each other’s feelings and know proper ways of communication.

And, the rule, of the thumb to Japanese women dating is to explore their culture, traditions. Don’t be afraid to ask your girl if she is comfortable with something. All women are different and what works for one relationship may not work for another.

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Japanese oversea brides marriage peculiarities

Once you meet your one and only and feel that you are ready to tie the knot, here are some things you should know about marriages in Japan:

  • Many weddings in the country are Shinto-style.
  • Married couple expected to have several outfits during the wedding ceremony.
  • No wows; nuptial cups with sake instead.
  • Cash is a typical wedding present.
  • A married couple doesn’t sit with the guests until the cake is cut.

These are only a few traditions popular in Japan, there is a lot more to explore. Your international wedding can be an interesting mix of old and new traditions from your home countries.

Final thoughts

Gorgeous Japanese women have it all: one-of-a-kind beauty, kindness, and wisdom. Finding a single girl is also very easy as you just need to register on a dating site and you can start your love journey right away.


Can you buy a Japanese bride?

No, it’s illegal to buy people. But in dating it means paying for a dating service, which is possible and legal.

Can I marry a girl from Japan?

Yes, international marriages are legal. However, you’ll need to get a K-1 ‘fiance’ visa to get married in the US.

What is the price of a Japanese mail-order bride?

Two-week trip is around $1,913 plus $1,833 round trip ticket. Also, add dating site expenses that start from $3.99 for 20 credits.

Do Japanese women date older men?

The age difference is not a problem as most Japanese ladies prefer older men. Also, women tend to look younger than they actually are, so you’ll have a forever-young wife.

Is language difference a problem with Japanese brides?

The younger generation tends to speak better English than older beauties. However, usually, it isn’t a big problem: English is not the hardest language to learn for a Japanese.

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