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The popularity of stunning Slavic women should not be explained. But many think that Slavic women are only Russian or Ukrainian and little know that there are other gorgeous ladies from this region as beautiful Moldovan foreign brides. Gorgeous Moldovian girls have incredible beauty and charm. Learn everything you should know about lovely Moldovan women for marriage before starting your love story.

Moldovan Mail Order Brides

Why do Western men want to buy a Moldovan bride?

Here are 5 reasons why modern Western should consider relationships with beautiful Moldovan women:

  1. Naturally beautiful appearance. Slavic ladies tend to have fair skin, light hair, and light blue or green eyes. Their petite figures with curvy hips are also gorgeous.
  2. Caring about their family. Wives from Moldova are usually willing to sacrifice a lot if it means happiness for their family or a bright future for their kids. They see nothing special about women covering routine housework and caring about children.
  3. Prioritizing their partner. A Moldovan wife will never choose a career over her partner, a relationship and love are what matters for them in life. Some women from the country have successful careers and work a lot but never at the expense of family happiness.
  4. Feminine ways of supporting their men. Moldovan charm of directing their men to success in art. They seem to know how to support and motivate their partner to strive to fulfill his potential.
  5. Easy-going personality. Women from Moldova are usually not trying to take themselves too seriously, which helps them to be positive and bubbly even at hard times. They also tend to be very open with people after they prove to be trustworthy.

Even these 5 qualities of modern Moldovan girls can give you an idea of how incredible women from Moldova are. If you want to learn about your chances of getting attention from a hot Moldovan woman for marriage, keep on reading!

Are Moldovan mail order women interested in relationships with Western men?

Even though international Moldovan brides dating is a great option for Western men, as these ladies seem to match ideally with what they look for in potential partners, not all women want it. Some women from Moldova are afraid of change and prefer to date locally. But there are also many gorgeous Moldovan mail order brides that you can meet through specialized dating sites. Women that you meet online usually share your dating goals and are interested in a relationship with a man from abroad.

Modern Moldovan mail order wives appreciate such qualities about Western men:

  • Ambitious and hard-working character
  • Taking care of family prosperity
  • Love for adventure
  • Open-mindedness to gender roles in a family
  • Less demanding approach to relationship

Moreover, some women are simply more physically attracted to the Western type of men, which makes foreign mail order brides from Moldova a perfect match.

Moldova girls for marriage

How to meet a reputable Moldovan mail order bride?

If you are serious about your intentions and wonder where to get a Moldovan mail order bride, you generally have two options. You can either become a member of a trustworthy dating site or app and order a Moldovan bride online, or you can visit Moldova to date IRL.

If you choose online dating services, you can even find a Moldovan mail order bride today. Becoming a member is usually fast and free and you can start looking for a potential match right after registration. But if you choose to look for your Moldovan mail order bride by traveling to the country, you need to be ready to put off your work for at least two weeks and make a good research about where and how to buy a Moldovan mail order bride being in the country.

Pros & cons of dating a Moldovan girl for marriage?

Here are some pros and cons of international Moldovan mail order brides that are worth mentioning.


  • Slim and fit figure
  • Smart mind
  • Great cooking skills
  • Traditional approach to relationship


  • May appear cold at first
  • Some women don’t know English

Peculiarities of Moldovan international dating

Dating Moldovan ladies for marriage is not the same as, for example, dating an American woman. Traditionally men are the ones to approach a woman in Moldova, so if you see not a lot of women approaching you online, don’t be bummed, just write to ladies you like first.

On a date don’t think of going Dutch, as in Eastern Europe it’s just not common. Well, a girl will almost 100% insist on paying, but you can’t allow it. It’s just a test of how you want to provide for the family and be a man in action. Occasionally you can accept her paying for a coffee or something small as she will want to give back too.

Another peculiarity of Moldovan dating is that men are leaders of the relationship and women are fine with it. Guys are expected to make main decisions and couples usually have a clear division of male and female duties at home.

How to win the heart of beautiful Moldovan women?

If you want to win the heart of a gorgeous girl from Moldova you need to aim at the heart. Here are some tips on how to do it:

  1. Be genuine and honest from the very beginning.
  2. Show interest in her personality and character and not just her sexy body.
  3. Prove that you can provide stability to the family.
  4. Be respectful of cultural and societal norms.
  5. Give creative compliments and make surprises.
  6. Work on getting to know as much as possible about each other to build a strong bond.
  7. Make romantic gestures and surprises.

Love can’t have one strategy that fits all, but when it comes to international relationships it’s always a good idea to learn about the culture and traditions of your partner to avoid miscommunications and offending someone.

Moldovian girls for sale


Gorgeous Moldovan charm is what Western men need, And that is not just about stunning looks, even that Moldovan brides are 10/10. Beautiful girls from Moldova are kind, loving, supportive, and can make any man truly happy.


Is it safe to date a Moldovan mail order bride?

Yes, dating Moldovan oversea brides is safe if you use reliable dating sites and apps.

Do Moldovan dating sites guarantee to find a wife?

Love is not something that can be guaranteed but specialized dating sites can definitely connect you with a variety of possible options.

Can I get a Moldovan wife for free?

No, both online dating or traveling to the country to find your potential wife bring expenses.

Is it expensive to get a Moldovian bride?

The price for a Moldovan for a foreign husband is quite affordable. A trip to Moldova is around $2,051 and dating site expenses start at $3.99 for 20 credits.

What site is the best to find Moldovian singles?

If you are sure that you are interested only in singles from Moldova, it’s better to join reliable specialized dating sites or apps.

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