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Are you tired of constant attempts of finding a hot Filipino mail order bride? Don’t worry, we created an easy guide on everything about lovely Filipino mail order women for you. Learn not only where to get a Filipino mail order bride but also how to buy a Filipino bride safely and find out what makes Filipino mail order wives so desired among Westerners. Hop on board and enjoy exploring the peculiarities of the popularity of international Filipino brides dating.

💘 Success rate87%
🇵🇭 % of men who choose Filipina girls67%
👍 Which dating sites do they recommendCuteAsianWoman
👧 Average age 28
💳 Credit costFrom $2.99
💰 Average costFrom $2,500
✅ LegalityYes
❓ Why Filipina bride?Gorgeous, laid-back, obedient 

What is the hype with Filipino mail order wives?

All sexy Asian mail order brides are admired by Westerners. But women from the Philippines always seem to have a warm spot in their hearts because they have an energetic vibe and distinctive Oriental allure about them. But there is more to it. Here are some features that make Filipino mail order brides great for foreigners:

  1. Gorgeous Eastern beauty. Stunning Filipino oversea brides do not have a typical Asian porcelain-skin look. They tend to have more sun-tanned skin, dark eyes, glossy hair, and sensual lips, which make them just adorable. No wonder why ladies from the Philippines have won world beauty contests 15 times.
  2. Youthful look. The beauty of beautiful foreign brides from the Philippines can last forever thanks to genes. It’s actually hard to tell how old someone from this country is, as a 40-year-old can look 18. The skin of these beauties remains smooth and soft even in old age. But, good genetics isn’t the only reason for their ageless appearance. Pretty Filipino international mail order brides tend to lead a healthy lifestyle, that helps to preserve beauty and forget about wrinkles. 
  3. Hospitable attitude. The hospitality of local people is known worldwide. They are proud of their culture and gladly meet new people. Thus, the country is actually considered to be the friendliest in Asia. Women here will cook for you, great with open arms, and give a hand even if they hardly know you.
  4. Easy-going character. Starting a conversation with a Filipino girl is a piece of cake, as these beauties are very open to communication. Many Westerners choose to find Filipino mail order bride because they don’t need to worry about making up pickup lines or worrying about getting no reply.
  5. Full of energy and positivity. Foreign mail order brides from the Philippines are active and fun-loving. They seem to radiate positivity and good vibes. Men flourish around these women and fly like bees on honey.

If you are confident that you want to try Filipino international dating, don’t take your girl for granted. She may be extremely loving, nurturing, and loyal, but a Filipino woman won’t ever let you get away with being a bad boyfriend or husband. 

The Best Dating Sites With Filipino Women

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Appearance of a Filipina wife: What makes her special?

If you want to buy a bride, Philippines will be the best region to choose from. One of the reasons you should do this is because Filipino girls are gorgeous. Indeed, a typical Philippina wife is hot, sexy, and attractive. Ladies from this country are Asian, although they don’t look exactly like Asian women. Philipina mail order brides have wider and larger eyes, a whiter complexion, and more round faces.

There is no point in denying, girls from the Philippines are very attractive, and anyone who seeks a chance to date these girls will be happy and satisfied. But why are these girls so beautiful? Many people believe it is because Filipino women are of mixed ethnicity, which is always a reason for beautiful people. The combination of Chinese, Spanish, Malaysian, and Indonesian blood results in fabulous girls who look like an Asian-Latin mix. 

Philipina mail order bride

Character of Philipina mail order brides

What makes it great to find Filipina wife is that you will have a woman who is both calm and exciting, active and obedient, fun and patient. As mentioned above, Filipino girls for marriage share a lot in common with Asian and Latin women. And if you know anything about Latin and Asian girls, you may say that these two regions are very contrasting. Indeed, Filipino women can be very passionate about things and the people they love. But they can be rather shy about expressing their passion and emotions. They try to live their lives to the fullest, but sometimes something can prevent them from trying new adventures, excitements, and experiences.

Nevertheless, you can be sure that your Pinay mail order bride will be honest, loyal, and family-oriented. Girls from this country are looking for a man to spend the rest of their lives with, so your bride will be there for you whenever you need her!

🧹 Household chores7/10
😊 Sincerity8/10
☀️ Hard-working nature7/10
💋 Intimate life10/10
🥘 National dishes cooking 10/10

How to buy a Filipino mail order bride?

With the power of the internet, you can order a Filipino bride online just in a few clicks. You are not actually buying a woman over mail, but registration on a dating site literally takes a few minutes. Online dating is a money-saving and time-effective solution that allows you to enjoy communication with singles from this country from any corner of the world. Variety of services, interactive features, and vast choice makes online dating experience perfect.

But if you are more into old-fashioned ways of meeting women, you can always travel to the country. It’s a great place to have a vacation and it can be a great adventure, you’ll never forget. But be ready to put off work for at least two weeks, do research on where to look for singles in the country, as there won’t be a selection of mail order wives waiting for you, you’ll need to take everything into your hands.

Filipino bride online

Are beautiful foreign brides from the Philippines interested in Western men?

Not only Western guys are into relationships with stunning Filipino women, but ladies from the country have a mutual interest. Let’s explore what attracts singles to Western guys:

  • Appearance. Some ladies are just more physically attracted to foreign guys, who tend to care more about their bodies and grooming.
  • Ambition.  Western guys are known to want the best from this world. And such an attitude to life appeals to Filipino ladies.
  • Ability to provide for the family. The Philippines isn’t the most prosperous country, which naturally pushes women to look for husbands who can provide a better quality of life abroad. But don’t think that Filipino singles are just looking for sponsors, they want a loving man to build a family with and give the best childhood for their future kids.

There are more qualities that a reputable Filipino mail order bride loves about Westerners, and it’s only generalizations. Gorgeous ladies from the country are different and may choose to date guys from abroad for different reasons.

We are proud of these stories of happy couples

Terry (48) and Lily (37)

We met online on EasternHoneys and felt an instant connection. This connection is now becoming stronger every day. We are planning to meet in person in a month or so, but we have already discussed marriage and we are confident that we want to be together for life.

George (37) and Lin (27)

Our story with Lin was unconventional by traditional romantic standards. Instead of waiting for me to reach out to her, she contacted me first. I surely didn’t mind that level of activity, and it’s safe to say that we hit it off. This happened a little over a year ago. Since then, we have already met in person twice — once in China and once in the US. We have also decided to get married and Lin is currently waiting for her visa for it to happen. – CuteAsianWoman

Owen (41) and Mei (25)

Before I met Mei, I spent a couple of months on DateNiceAsian. I met some lovely women on the site, but I didn’t connect to them as much as I did to Mei. I took just one look at her profile and instantly knew we were meant to be together. We have known each other for almost a year and recently we took our relationship to the next level by spending two weeks together in China.

Martin (36) and Song (32)

There are no words to describe how grateful I am to OrchidRomance for connecting me to the love of my life. Song is the woman I’ve been looking for without even knowing. She allowed me to see what kind of relationship I really wanted. We have only been talking for three months and we are already discussing marriage. We are video chatting with each other every evening and she’s even more beautiful in person than she is in the photos!

Jonathan (37) and Fen (33)

AsianMelodies was the first dating site I joined, and I was really surprised when I met my current girlfriend on my first try. Fen was someone I was instantly attracted to, so imagine my relief when it turned out she felt the same way. We have been chatting and talking on the phone every day for the last six months and I feel like we are really close now. We are meeting in person in China next month, and if everyone goes well, I’m going to ask her to marry me.

Secrets of winning the heart of a gorgeous Filipino mail order bride

Many women are into foreign men and therefore they are usually not playing hard-to-get. But at the same time don’t think of them as an easy target, as beautiful Filipino singles are usually very popular, so you need to be ready for a competition. Here are some secrets of getting serious with a Filipino girl:

  • Don’t show off. Girls from the Philippines like confident men, but when it’s too much it works oppositely. So, don’t exaggerate their achievements and try to be someone you’re not, honesty is a must for a real partnership for life. 
  • Respect her personality. Cultural differences can be weird to get used to, but you need to approach them with patience and tolerance. Don’t try to change your Filipino beauty, but treat her with the respect she deserves. And she’ll surround you with warmth, care, and other signs of love.
  • Give presents. Making small gifts is a part of the dating culture.  It’s unnecessary to get expensive presents but thoughtful small gifts are more valued. Also, don’t forget about flowers. There is no tradition of getting them for every date, but an occasional show of affection in such a way is greatly appreciated.
  • Make sure that her family loves you. Being on good terms with her loved ones is a way to a happy ending. Don’t forget to ask her parents for their blessing on your engagement, as it’s a long tradition in the Philippines. 
Filipino mail order wives

There is a lot more that you will discover dating a beautiful lady from this country. But the rule of the thumb is, to be honest, clear of your intentions, and listen to your heart.

Real and fake stereotypes about a Pinal mail order bride

To build real and serious relationships with a Filipina wife, you need to know as much as possible about girls from this country. Online dating is a sphere with many fake facts and stereotypes, and we are here to show you what is wrong and what is right!


  • Philippines mail order brides may not have the best English in the world. Indeed, a lot of girls can struggle with communication, so you have to be patient.
  • Some Filipina looking for American husband may have unrealistic expectations of dating a foreigner online.
  • It may be challenging for a Filipino bride to relocate to the United States, even though she may want it very much.


  • Girls from the Philippines want money from online dating. No, they just look for serious relationships with real men. There are other sites that can help Filipino girls get money from foreigners.
  • It is impossible to find Filipina wife who doesn’t hate Americans. Of course not! Sure, not all girls may like people from the United States, but you will find hundreds of beautiful girls who have nothing against dating a foreigner. 

What to expect when marrying a Filipina girl?

Filipina wife

You need to expect to have the best time of your life. If your girl has decent English, there is nothing that can stop you from marrying a Filipina girlfriend for sale. You should expect to be the head of the family. Ladies from this country respect male authority, so you will be the one who makes all the critical decisions. But you should also understand that being the head of the family means that you will provide for the family and protect your wife from everything. To buy a bride Philippines, you need to be financially successful, and even though girls from this country are not very demanding, you need to be sure that you can provide everything your wife would want.

Women from the Philippines are popular because they represent everything Western men seek. Ladies from this country possess everything a man can dream of: these girls are intelligent, charming, and loyal. They want to start serious relationships with men from other countries and make them happy. There is no point in denying that Philipina mail order brides are popular. In fact, they are the most popular mail order brides worldwide! If you want to find a Filipina wife for sale, you need to use mail order bride services as they are quite common among these beauties. The majority of men who seek a Philippina wife want to date these girls because they are beautiful. If you are looking for a girl who is petite, enchanting, and cute, you will be happy with a Philippina wife.

Pros and cons of hot Filipino oversea brides

There are some pros and cons of dating these Asian beauties. Here are the main ones you should know.

reputable Filipino mail order bride


  • Youthful oriental beauty
  • Supportive partners
  • Masters of house chores
  • Not demanding girlfriends
  • Eager to move abroad in the name of love


  • Language barrier can be a challenge
  • Tampo (silent treatment) instead of communicating conflicts


Hot singles from the Philippines are a great choice if you want to have a partner who has a gorgeous appearance and great personality traits. Also, you can choose any convenient way to meet the potential wife. Both traveling and becoming a member of a dating site can bring you the desired result.


Are Filipino brides online real?

Yes, the women you meet on trustworthy sites are real. Many undergo verification before their profile launch on site.

How to choose a reliable dating site to get a Filipino oversea bride?

Consider joining only platforms that have positive professional reviews. Also, check if the site is well-developed and if there are no repetitive profiles, which are usually red flags.

Is a beautiful Filipino bride expensive?

The cost consists of around $2,242 roundtrip ticket and $819 for a two-week trip. Also, don’t forget about dating site fees, which are on average 3.99 for 20 credits.

Can I marry a lady from the Philippines?

Yes, you can legally marry a bride from the Philippines. To marry your girl in the US, you’ll need to get a K1 visa.

How much time do I need to get a Filipino wife?

You can connect to many gorgeous Filipino ladies in under 10 minutes if you choose online dating, But you can’t put a timer on love, as love takes time.

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