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The Central European country, Poland, is one of the top dating destinations for Western men. As the country is proud of its gorgeous Polish mail order wives who have Slavic beauty, traditional beliefs but a Western mentality. Many guys strive to buy a Polish bride, but why are they worth traveling so far? Keep on reading and learn why guys from the West are so into Polish international dating and learn how to buy a Polish mail order bride online safely.

Polish mail order wives

Why do Western men choose to marry Polish mail order brides?

A gorgeous Polish mail order bride is a desired partner among Western men, but not many understand what is the hype about international mail order brides from Poland. To help you understand what makes Polish ladies so special, we gathered some main qualities of these beauties to help you understand their popularity better.

  1. Stunning appearance. Polish mail order brides have genes of perfection that unites them with other Slavic brides. Having naturally beautiful skin, their features are so alluring that men strive to find Polish mail order bride. And their slender but very feminine bodies are only adding to it.
  2. Similar mentality. While the hottest Polish girls seem Western in a lot of ways, they never forget their roots. They seem to have the power to combine the best of both worlds. They care a lot about family, keeping traditions but still are very ambitious and driven as Western women.
  3. Loyal. A family is everything to Polish girls. That’s why many Westerners order a Polish bride online to be with a partner who would never do anything to jeopardize the relationship. Ladies from Poland are also very devoted and show a high commitment level, especially in dating. And they don’t support polygamy or casual dating.
  4. Well-mannered. Polish beauties are more friendly, open to communication, and polite than most ladies from the West. As they are raised traditionally in a catholic household, her family embeds the right values and morals deeply in her. 
  5. Educated. Girls in Poland acquire a good level of education and usually even have a few higher degrees, which make them generally very intelligent. It helps them to be driven and devoted, which many Westerns appreciate.

Ladies from Poland are favorites of men from the West not for their sexy appearance or long legs, right values in life, healthy ambition, and always having their family a priority is what makes them so perfect.

Do hot Polish mail order women seek Western husbands?

Although Polish mail order women adhere strictly to their traditional beliefs, they have an open mind when it comes to marriage. Many mail order wives see no problem in dating a guy from another country. Women from Poland are very open-minded and care more about how a man treats them and if he loves them truly, instead of caring about his origin or place of living.

Another interesting thing about Polish international brides dating is that women tend to like smart men, as they see the sexiest part of any guy, and many Westerners tend to impress them. Also, Polish beauties are into ambitious men, and guys from the US and Canada are known for their go-getter mentality, which makes them desired partners. Polish history was so brutal over the years, and today many women want to feel stability and security with their partners.

Where to get a Polish mail order bride?

Dating online is quite popular in Poland, so meeting beautiful Polish foreign brides through reliable dating sites is one of the fastest ways. In fact, using a site or app is one of the best ways to get into a serious relationship with a reputable Polish mail order bride. Although most girls from Poland are very friendly and would laugh or even flirt with a foreigner on the street, they aren’t likely to take him seriously. Which makes another option for meeting Polish oversea brides—traveling to the country itself, less effective.

Well, don’t get us wrong, a trip to Poland is a great way to have a good vacation in an old European city that is full of gorgeous architecture. But it takes more time and requires more expenses as you need to take time off work and travel abroad. Also, there is no guarantee that you will meet a girl who will be interested in a relationship.

Polish mail order bride

Pros & Cons of Polish international brides dating

Before you start dating these beauties, it’s important to mention their main pros and cons.


  • Polish beauties are polite and respectful
  • They always dress elegantly
  • Many Polish ladies speak more than one language 
  • They have a good moral upbringing
  • Women from Poland are into dating foreign men


  • Depend a lot on family attitudes
  • Can be quite headstrong

Tips on Polish oversea brides dating

Dating in Poland has a lot in common with Western dating, but cultural peculiarities still influence foreign mail order brides from Poland in the perception of relationships and marriage. Polish women always take their relationships seriously, no matter what their age is. And here are some other things that you need to know before committing to a relationship with a Polish woman.

  • Family matters. Be ready to spend a lot of time with her family, as people in Poland have a close bond with their parents, especially mothers. If her mom doesn’t like you, the chances are high that it won’t work out long-term. So, try to impress her mom first, by bringing chocolates, offering to give a lift, and complimenting her daughter in front of her.
  • Be a gentleman. Dating in the ‘courtship’ period is traditionally expected to be very romantic and traditional. Ladies expect their men to open the door, pull up the chair for her, take her coat and always pay for her meal. Also, don’t wait for a special celebration before you get her flowers. 
  • Have patience. Getting serious with Polish women takes time and you have to be patient. Do not be in a hurry to be intimate and give your beauty some time to be comfortable with you before taking serious steps. And it applies not only to intimacy in the relationship but also marriage, as women date at least for six months before even considering such a long-term commitment.

Keep in mind these 3 dating tips to build the happy relationship you dream of. Dating in Poland is no different from anywhere in the world if you listen to your partner’s needs and wants.

Polish mail order women


Having a gorgeous wife from Poland is like winning a lottery—one decision you will not regret. In addition to their immense beauty, Polish ladies have amazing personalities. They also are very Westernized, which makes building a family no different from standard relationships in your local country. It only can give you benefits, as international marriage helps to enrich the relationship by bringing new great things from both cultures. So, if you are ready to meet your soulmate—join a trustworthy dating site!


Are Polish mail order wives really into foreigners?

Beautiful singles from Poland you can meet on specialized dating sites are mainly open to international relationships. However, some women prefer to date locally.

How to find a beautiful Polish wife fast?

If you join a reliable dating site, you can start for suitable matches right after registration. Finding beautiful girls is usually very easy and fast, but developing a relationship takes time.

How to check if the Polish dating site is safe?

Read reviews before joining. Check if the site has good security and refund policies and see if on-site transactions are secured.

Is it expensive to order a Polish bride online?

The price of the hot Polish bride is average. It consists of roundtrip tickets—around $677, a two-week trip—around $752, plus the cost of online dating starts at $3.99 for 20 credits.

How to bring a Polish mail order bride to the US?

To marry your girl in the US you need to obtain a K1 visa, however, it doesn’t guarantee residence. You need to file for it separately.

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