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Many tourists find Romania an attractive country because of its mighty mountains and enticing landscapes. But the true jewel of the country is Romanian mail order brides. They are incredibly beautiful and have a lot to offer to a future husband. To solve the mystery of how Romanian mail order wives make guys from all over the world be head over heels about them, keep on reading. Also, get valuable insight on how to buy a Romanian mail order bride safely and learn all the peculiarities of Romanian international dating.

Gorgeous Romanian mail order bride: Who are they?

Some Westerners who have been in touch with Romanian oversea brides know how amazing they are. But for those who have never seen a hot Romanian mail order bride, the reason for their popularity remains a mystery. To help you solve it, we gathered the core qualities and values of Romanian international mail order brides that add to their image of ideal wives.

  1. Smoking-hot. The charismatic appearance of Romanian mail order women is made of dark luscious hair, smooth skin, distinctive eyebrows, and naturally full lips. Also, they are masters of enhancing their beauty and feminine curves with makeup and stylish clothes. And at the same time, beautiful foreign brides from Romania look effortlessly pretty.
  2. Wise beyond the years. Besides beauty genetics, ladies from Romania are very smart far beyond their years. It might be a tough upbringing or just a national trait, but girls feel like adults much earlier than women in the West. And they are usually willing to start a family earlier in life. So, if you meet a 20-23-year-old online don’t treat her like a child, she is an already formed woman.
  3. Fiery tempered. The temperamental nature of foreign mail order brides from Romania is linked to their gypsy blood. They are known to stand firm on their decisions and have a tongue sharper than a blade. So, if your Romanian beauty makes her mind about something, she won’t hesitate to express her true feelings.
  4. Adventurous. Another quality of these ladies that make Westerners wonder where to find Romanian mail order bride is their easy-going character and power to radiate positive energy. It’s easy to explore the world with them, as girls from Romania will make any dull moment happy.
  5. Sporty. People in Romania generally love sports activities and often participate in various fun sports. Love for sport is another reason why Romanian beauties have such toned and sexy bodies.
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We only scratched the surface of what real women from Romania are like, there are so many other qualities that will make you buy a Romanian bride immediately! 

What makes Romanian mail order wives so special?

The thing about international mail order brides is that people look for them as ‘perfect wives’. Beauty and personality are, of course, great about a reputable mail order bride from Romania, but it’s worth exploring what exactly makes her perfect for marriage. 

Getting a Romanian wife is an excellent decision if you want to have a partner who cherishes family life. It’s always a top priority for them. Even though a traditional way of life makes Romanian beauties quite attached to their homeland, many are also willing to move in the name of love. 

Also, Romanian ladies make good mothers and love having children. They seem to know how to keep a work-life balance, as combining home duties with succeeding at work is not difficult for them.

Where to get a Romanian mail order bride?

If you are interested in trying Romanian international brides dating, you generally have two options: to travel to Romania or joining a dating site. Visiting the country can be a great adventure, but you can save yourself some time and stress by choosing a more comfortable and effective option—joining a reliable dating site. It’s one of the easiest ways for Western guys to find spouses from the country. Apart from the fact that it saves time, when you order a Romanian bride online you choose from gorgeous ladies who are already interested in relationships with men from abroad and are open to long-distance relationships. And all the fun features and services that modern dating sites provide, make dating online fun and interesting.

Pros & Cons of Romanian mail order women

Romanian girls have some pros and cons. They are worth reading before you start dating these ladies.

Romanian mail order women


  • Romanian beauties have a mix of Eastern European and Latin beauty.
  • They make supportive partners.
  • Romanian women support and respect their men.
  • They are very hospitable and treat friends with an open heart.
  • They don’t see a man as someone who should entertain them.


  • These beauties don’t like to share, so they tend to be quite jealous.
  • Girls in Romania are opinionated and always want to be heard.

How to date beautiful foreign brides from Romania?

Looking for a life partner in Romania is a wonderful idea. But you need to know the dating rules of the country to make the search process easier. Here are some tips on how to date Romanian ladies.

  • Explore Romanian culture. Make some effort to learn a bit about Romania or be curious and ask your beauty about her favorite traditions or things about dating. It will give you a heads-up on what rules to follow. 
  • Be respectful. Never make your woman feel disrespected in any way. Show attention and respect her beliefs even if they are different from yours. Coming from different cultures, you’ll face attitudes that collide, but be wise about it. If it is not a deal-breaker for a relationship, just try to avoid the sensitive topic.
  • Learn some Romanian. No one expects you to speak fluently, but learning a few phrases and words will be a great sign of respect. It will also show that you target long-term relationships and are serious about your couple.
  • Be a good listener. Women in Romania value soul connection about dating. This is why be a good listener to get to know her better to be able to grow that bond. Try to be understanding and genuinely care about your partner, and your girl will cherish you forever. 

Follow these few tips to build a stronger relationship with your foreign beauty and avoid common problems and misunderstandings. But don’t just treat your girl as a Romanian, treat her as a woman first.

Romanian mail order brides

Final thoughts

Many exciting qualities make Romanian brides an ideal choice for marriage. They are a dream come true for most Western men. With their stunning beauty and curvy figures, the majority would give everything to be with such a woman. Also, with modern technologies meeting singles from Romania is quite easy, as all you need is to register for a reliable dating service.


Is it safe to date Romanian mail order brides?

If you join a trustworthy dating site with strict and secure policies, then you’ll be safe dating online.

What is the fastest way to find a Romanian mail order bride?

Specialized dating platforms are the quickest way to connect to singles from Romania, as you can do it after a 3–5 min registration.

Are Romanian women open to international relationships?

Everything depends on where you’ll look for Romanian beauties. Girls on dating sites are predominantly open to relationships with foreigners, however many ladies IRL prefer to date locally.

How much is a wife from Romania?

The average price for a hot Romanian mail order bride is around $1,588. It consists of travel expenses and you also need to add a cost of online dating which starts at $3.99 for 20 credits.

How to get the best price for a hot Romanian bride?

To get the best value for the buck, pick a reliable dating site and keep your eyes peeled for seasonal discounts. Also, check flights to save some on tickets.

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