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There is no need to explain why men from all over the world want to get a Russian mail order bride. But is beauty the only thing that Russian international brides dating is based on? To learn what is so special about Russian mail order wives and explore the ways where to get a Russian mail order bride, keep on reading our article!

Russian mail order bride

What is so special about Russian mail order brides?

Appearance is the obvious reason why Russian mail order brides are desired. Their signature Eastern European look is recognizable by anyone. The majority of people stereotypically imagine a woman from Russia as a blue-eyed blonde with a slim figure who is always wearing high heels and dresses.

Well, all stereotypes have some truth to them but the beauty of Russian women goes far beyond general perception. Even physical appearance is very diverse in Russia as the country has a huge territory and borders with Asia. This is why in the eastern part of the country you can meet a lot of Russian mail order wives that have more of an Asian type of beauty. But let’s explore what is so special about a Russian woman for marriage beyond her appearance.

  1. Russian women are genuine. Many people think of Russian people as cold and reserved only because they don’t smile all the time. But the reason lies in cultural norms where it’s not considered normal to smile all the time and if you do so people think of you as a silly person. Beautiful foreign brides from Russia are fun and smile a lot only when they feel like it so you won’t get any fake emotions from these beauties.
  2. They are straightforward. Sometimes Russian ladies can be harsh in their comments because they don’t like to sugarcoat everything. And this is actually a great thing because when you’re dating a girl from Russia you know about her real state of mind all the time.
  3. Russian girls don’t mind hard work. Looking at the gorgeous appearance of Russian ladies it is hard to imagine them doing anything around the house. But truth be told, Russian brides are extremely good at housekeeping and cooking, which is another secret why guys seek Russian wives to buy. You will be amazed at how skilled your girl actually is.
  4. They have feminine wisdom. Guys love how feminine Russian beauties are. They’re not trying to compete with men but try to support and motivate their partners. This is why guys tend to be more successful and happy with foreign mail order brides from Russia.
  5. Russian ladies are devoted to their families. Family union is very important in Russian culture as a lot of traditions and beliefs are built around it. International Russian mail order brides tend to be loyal and willing to sacrifice a lot in the name of family.

These five core traits of Russian women are only a glimpse of what a reputable Russian mail order bride has to offer to her future partner. If you like what Russian girls are and are afraid that such a hot woman won’t be interested in a relationship with you, let’s explore if Russians are into relationships with westerns and why.

Russian women for sale

Why do Russian oversea brides want to marry Western men?

Not only do Western men want to buy a Russian bride but also singles from Russia are interested in relationships with men from abroad. But why do beautiful women need to look for love overseas?

Here are the qualities and values that Russian oversea brides appreciate about guys from the West:

  • Attentive and caring. Western guys tend to respect and care for their girlfriends and wives more. They try to pay attention to their needs, wishes, and dreams. As a rule, Westerners pay more attention to details and like to make little surprises, which Russian beauties love.
  • Smart and ambitious. A typical Russian girl for marriage adores smart men who take care of themselves and look classy and intelligent. Also, they are into the go-getter mentality that Westerns are known for as it creates a feeling of stability and a safe future, that all women look for.
  • Decisive and strong. If you want to find Russian mail order bride, you should know that they are into Westerns who know what they want. They want their man to be the first to initiate contact or ask for a date, and a lot of guys from Western countries are known to be quite confident and it makes ladies fall for them.

And, of course, the most important reason is love. Nowadays it’s not easy to find an eligible partner in any country, and women are still facing a lot of pressure to marry young, which pushes stunning girls to be proactive and look for their husbands overseas.

How to buy a Russian mail order bride?

It’s not that hard to find a Russian for foreign husband as modern technologies and lots of traveling ways make it accessible to anyone. 50 years ago it might seem like a fairy tale, but today you can connect to women from all over the world anytime you want. All you need is to register to a reliable dating site and start your love search. If you are sure that you want to connect to only Russian singles we recommend choosing from Eastern European and solely Russian dating sites.

But also if you feel like having an adventure, you can have a vacation to Russia. The country is worth visiting as its unique culture, gorgeous architecture, and smoking-hot women will amaze you. But looking for someone special IRL requires more time and you strongly rely on luck which is not reliable.

Peculiarities of Russian international dating

Russian dating is more traditional than in western countries. Even the big cities are very Westernized, the dating scene is still very ‘man-lead’. Guys are usually expected to be the leaders of the relationships. Another distinctive part of Russian dating is the courtship period, where guys are proving their serious intentions by making romantic gestures like giving presents and buying flowers.

Another thing about traditional dating is that casual and open relationships are not popular. Many women are raised in a strict religious background which forbids having any type of relationship before marriage. Well, it’s not that restrictive anymore but there is still the pressure of keeping a reputation of a ‘good girl’.

Russian mail order wives

Final thoughts on Russian mail order women

Gorgeous Russian women are so popular for a reason. They are genuine, loving, and devoted to the man they love. If you are looking for a fierce and smoking-hot wife that will make all your friends jealous, then you should definitely consider dating Russian women online.


Are Russian ladies for marriage gold-diggers?

No, it’s just a stereotype. Russian mail order brides are not looking for a ‘Sugar daddy’ but want to meet a real man to love.

Is it quicker to find a bride from Russia online or IRL?

Dating through a reliable specialized dating site is the quickest way to connect to singles from Russia.

Is the language barrier a problem in Russia?

If you travel to Russia it might be a problem in the smaller cities. But contrary to common belief, Russian women, especially younger girls, speak good English.

How much does dating a Russian bride cost?

The price for dating services varies and the average credit price is around $3.99 per 20 credits (on the BravoDate site). And travel expenses are around $676 for a roundtrip ticket and $916 for two weeks in Russia.

If I want to order a Russian bride online, how can I protect myself from scammers?

Join only reliable dating sites that have proven effectiveness and positive professional reviews.

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