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Wondering how to meet a Thai mail order bride? Of course, you do—these women are extremely hot and passionate; they love American men and are very traditional in their values and family roles. Here, we’ll tell you where to get a Thai mail order wife, how much it costs, and why it’s actually a good idea to meet beautiful Thai foreign brides! 

💘 Success rate85%
👍 Which dating sites do they recommendCuteAsianWoman
🇹🇭 % of men who choose Thai girls70%
👧 Average age 27
💳 Credit costFrom $2.99
💰 Average costFrom $3,500
✅ LegalityYes
❓ Why Thai bride?Exotic, obedient, loyal 

How to find Thai mail order brides? 

If you want to know how to find Thai mail order bride, the answer is simple: you need to go online. It’s not the only way you can go because you can also go to Thailand and try to pick Thai international mail order brides on the streets. But to be fair, this idea is pretty lame. The thing is, it’s much more expensive and time-consuming than online dating—and what’s much more critical, the chances to meet a girl who wants to create a family with an American man on the streets of Bangkok are pretty low. You’ll easily find a girl to spend a night with in Bangkok, of course—but that’s not how you find a wife, right? So online dating is a much better choice in this regard.  

The first thing you’ll have to do is find a reputable Thai mail order bride dating site. It’s not that simple because you’ll have to spend at least a few hours reading the reviews—but it’s definitely a good idea. After that, everything is simple: you chat with women, send them mails, flirt, and ask them out. When it’s done, you’ll still have to go to Thailand—but the difference is that in this case, you can be sure that you’ll meet at least a few Thai foreign mail order brides who are genuinely interested in you. 

What Are The Best Thai Women Dating Sites

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How much does it cost to buy a Thai bride? 

You can’t just go and order a Thai bride online—as we’ve just said, it’s like online dating with only a few differences. One of those differences is that it’s a bit more expensive to meet Thai international mail order brides than American women. Here’s what you’ll have to pay for:

  • A premium subscription on a Thai international brides dating website—$50-$100 per month
  • A 2-week trip to Thailand—$2,500-$3,000
  • The wedding—$2,500-$3,500

Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ll only have to spend $2,500 for a 2-week trip or $2,500 for a wedding—but these are the amounts you will most likely spend. 

thai bride for marriage

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Are Thai mail order wives really that good? 

Yes, they certainly are! Thai women make great wives, and they are really very traditional—but that’s not their only advantage. So let’s talk about the other ones.

  1. First, these women are very beautiful. They are naturally attractive, but it’s not just about their natural beauty—they also wear feminine dresses and know how to look stylish and modest wherever they go. 
  2. They are very feminine and modest, as we’ve just said. It’s about their society and culture—young Thai girls are raised to be caregivers, look pretty, and respect their parents and husbands. While this traditional approach is slowly fading, modern Thai mail order brides still have all those traits associated with femininity e.g. gentleness, empathy, sensitivity, etc. They are also very respectful—that’s one of the core values of Thai culture and religion. 
  3. And they are not obedient. There are many stereotypes about obedient, shy, and passive Thai mail order brides. Even though these stereotypes were entirely true a few decades ago, the situation is completely different today. Modern Thai mail order brides are free, hard-working, intelligent, and ambitious—this doesn’t mean they are not traditional anymore, but they are certainly not obedient. You need to understand it clearly before you start searching for a Thai bride.
thailand bride for sell

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George (37) and Lin (27)

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Dating Thai mail order women: Top 3 facts you have to know about them 

Here are the top 3 facts you have to be aware of before you start dating Thai oversea brides: 

  • The dating etiquette is different in Thailand. What is considered ok in the United States might be unacceptable in this country. For example, public display of affection (PDA)—it’s totally ok to kiss your girlfriend outside, which is taboo in Thailand. 
  • You’ll most likely meet her parents quite soon. That’s another difference between American and Thai dating etiquette, by the way—what’s considered a huge step in a relationship in the US is a routine thing in Thailand.
  • They don’t date just to date. Most Thai brides have serious intentions and search for a husband, not for a boyfriend.
thai woman for marriage

Dating Thai oversea brides: Top 3 tips to succeed

What to do to please a Thai beauty? Consider the following tips:

  • Respect her culture, her parents, and her religion. Thai brides are very respectful, and you need to be respectful, too—that’s how you show your Thai mail order bride that she is important to you. 
  • Dress your best and avoid that “American tourist” look. Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with looking like a tourist—but not if you’re going to have a date with a woman from a tourist country.
  • Buy her a small gift and pay for the date!

Dating Thai mail order women can be difficult, especially if you’ve never dated a woman outside your culture/country. But with our tips, you will definitely succeed!

What to expect from being married to a Thailand girl for sell?

Starting a family with a woman from another country can seem challenging. But in reality, you just need to know a few things about how to find Thai wife and what to expect from such relationships. In this section, we will cover the most important aspects of a relationship with a Thailand girl for sell and help you understand whether you need to buy a Thai bride!

Who is the head of the family?

Thai brides

Women from Thailand are very family-oriented, but they generally view men as the head of the family. You are going to be in charge of making all the critical decisions, while your soulmate will be a housewife. However, it is essential to note that some girls can ask for more equal relationships. Still, don’t expect to find a wife who will head the family. Girls from Thailand seek men to be strong, responsible, and assertive.

Is your Thai girl for marriage a good cook?

Marrying a woman from this country will mean that you will enjoy the best cuisine in the world. Not only is Thai food diverse and delicious, but girls from Thailand usually know how to cook other Asian dishes. So, if you enjoy eating Asian food, you will have a great time with your bride. Still, if Asian food is not your favorite option, you can be sure that your wife will learn how to cook your favorite dishes. These ladies are not just great cooks in terms of their native meals—they are generally can make you the happiest man on the planet with a single meal!

Do Thailand wives take good care of themselves?

Asian women know how to look good despite anything happening around them. Thai women always look tidy, clean, and beautiful. They don’t wear a lot of make-up, but you can be sure that your wife is going to be the most attractive person you know!

What to expect from Thailand mail order brides in bed?

Many stereotypes revolve around Thai women for marriage and how wild they can be in bed. Well, a lot of girls are indeed very skillful in sex. But don’t expect your wife to be an insatiable and experienced geisha. Girls here can be rather shy when it comes to sex. Even though Thailand is the least shy and passive country in Asia when it comes to sex, you still shouldn’t assume anything. However, don’t expect your wife to be not interested in sexual pleasures.

thailand mail order wife

Do Thailand ladies for marriage want to have kids?

The majority of Thailand mail order brides dream of having kids with foreigners. Children are a part of an ideal family, according to Thai people. If you are ready for such a serious step, you can be sure that you will find plenty of women from Thailand who want to become mothers. Moreover, it is essential to note that ladies from this country have great qualities to become wonderful mothers.

Communication with Thailand brides online

It is not difficult to communicate with a woman from this country. Whether you consider online communication, real-life dates, or a life with Thai women for marriage, you can be sure that you will understand each other. There might be some language barriers, but most mail order brides from Thailand learn English to ensure that they can have some great time with foreign guys. Ladies from this country are friendly, easy-going, and broad-minded, so you will have plenty of topics to discuss.

Why don’t Thai brides for sale marry local Thai men?

To find and buy a Thai bride, you need to know a lot about them. In this section, we would like to offer you a chance to find out what motivates girls from Thailand to start using mail order bride services, and in particular, explain why so many Thailand mail order brides don’t want to be with local Thai men:

Thai women for marriage
  1. Thai guys are not very romantic. Thai women for marriage don’t consider romantic gestures to be crucially important. But even these ladies don’t want to be with Thai men who are often inattentive and forgetful. Therefore, many Thailand brides just want to be with someone romantic and fun, and Western men are perfect for such goals.
  2. Thai men can be rather lazy. Some women suffer from guys who don’t want to do anything in their lives. Such relationships are common worldwide, and while it has nothing to do with men being Thai, girls understand that they deserve something better.
  3. There are not that many opportunities in Thailand. Thailand is a very tourist-oriented country, and some women don’t want to live in such a place.
  4. High competition. Since there are not that many good men, women find it very difficult to meet a guy who is decent and successful. Mail order bride services solve this issue easily and help relocate thousands of mail order wives from Thailand to USA.

Why will a man be happy with a Thai bride?

Why shouldn’t he? Let’s take a look at who Thailand wives really are! First, they are very attractive. The beauty of Thai brides is legendary, and many guys want to marry these women just because they look so damn fine. Second, Thai women for marriage are family-oriented, which most men in the United States seek. Third, Thai brides for sale are kind, supportive, loyal, and fun. You won’t get bored with a bride from this country, which means that you will have the best time of your life. Lastly, if you are wondering, “Are Thai brides legal?” we can say yes! Furthermore, there are a lot of beautiful single women, so you can find a perfect wife easily. Thai women for marriage use mail order bride services often, so you will have an excellent pool of potential brides!

🧹 Household chores8/10
😊 Sincerity8/10
☀️ Family approach 9/10
💋 Intimate life10/10
🥘 National dishes cooking 10/10

Common myths and truths about Thai women for marriage

To build a serious relationship with Thailand ladies for marriage, you need to know a lot about them. But you also need to know what is true and false about these mesmerizing women. In this section, we are going to cover the main myths and truths about Thailand brides!


  1. Thai women don’t know English. This is false. They might not have perfect English, but you will understand each other.
  2. Thai women are very sexual and even addicted to sex. Some girls can be, no doubt about that. But not all of them are.
  3. Thailand wives marry foreign men just for the Green Card. No, there are easier ways to get a Green Card than using a mail order bride service. Girls on such sites seek serious relationships for real.
  4. It is impossible to find a wife in Thailand who is loyal. No, loyalty is among the essential qualities for people in Thailand.


  1. Thai women are not as shy and passive as other Asian mail order brides.
  2. Thai girls are very Western-oriented.
  3. Thailand brides know a lot about Western culture and want to move to a foreign country.

What do Thai brides for sale expect to find in relationships with foreigners?

Thailand brides for sale

To buy a Thai bride and be happy with her, you also need to know what your potential wife expects from such relationships. Let’s take a look at a few things that most Thailand mail order brides would want to have with you.

Thai brides for sale expect their men to be romantic, honest, and responsible

If you marry a bride from this country, you need to be a guy who can surprise your wife. You also need to remember that honesty is the foundation of any relationship for a Thailand girl to sell. Lastly, marrying a Thai bride means that you are responsible for her.

She expects you to be the head of the family

Your wife will depend on you, so you should understand that marrying a bride from this country means that you will make a lot of important decisions.

A Thai girl for marriage wants to be respected

Many girls from Thailand want to marry foreign men because they want to be respected. Whether they had some bad relationships or just believe that Western men know how to treat a woman with dignity and respect, this is what your future Thailand lady for marriage will expect from you.

thailand girl for sale


How to buy a Thai mail order bride?

It’s impossible to buy a Thai mail order bride, of course. You can chat with her online, ask her out, meet her in Thailand, and propose to her—but obviously, you can’t buy a woman. It’s like classic online dating with live chats, video chats, gifts, flirt, and all this stuff.

How to choose a trusted Thai international dating site?

You need to spend some time reading the reviews to understand if a website is really worth the money. After that, you have to test the site yourself and google photos of women to make sure they are real. Or, you can take a look at our top lists and dating site reviews because our team has already done this work for you!

How much does it cost to buy a Thai bride?

A 2-week trip to Thailand will cost you around $2,500, and the average wedding in Thailand costs $2,500-$3,000. So, you’ll have to pay something around $5,000-$6,000 to marry a Thai bride. 

Do Thai foreign mail order brides like American men?

Yes, they do! Thailand is a trendy Asian tourist destination, so these women are amiable and open to foreigners. They have no prejudices against American men, that’s true! 

Is it illegal to marry a Thai mail order bride?

No, it’s 100% legal. You can either marry her in Thailand (in this case, she will have to get a CR-1 spouse visa to enter the US) or in the United States (in this case, she’ll need to get a K-1 fiancé visa). After arrival, she’ll get a green card and become a US permanent resident.

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