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How to meet Ukrainian mail order brides? Where to get a Ukrainian mail order bride? How to buy a Ukrainian mail order wife? If you’ve never used international dating sites before, you probably have many questions like these. Here, you will get all your questions answered!

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How to find a Ukrainian mail order bride?

There are two answers to this question: you can do it offline and online. But in fact, the absolute majority of American men who want to find Ukrainian mail order bride do it online. It’s cheaper, faster, and it’s definitely much more convenient than going on a trip to Kyiv and trying to pick a Ukrainian mail order bride on the streets of this city. You won’t need to buy tickets, to pay for the hotel room, etc.—you will only need to buy a premium subscription on a reputable Ukrainian mail order bride website ($50-$100 per month in most cases). 

How to buy a Ukrainian bride and how much does it cost?

You can not buy a woman, that’s obvious. You can, however, chat with her on a Ukrainian bride website, meet her in person, and pay for the wedding. That’s all you’ll have to pay for, basically—and here’s how much it costs:

  • Ukrainian bride website—$50-$100 per month
  • A 2-week trip to Kyiv—around $2,000
  • The wedding—$4,000-$10,000

Top 5 reasons why getting a Ukrainian mail order bride is a good idea

Disclaimer: the following list is not exhaustive. The real number of reasons why finding a Ukrainian mail order bride is a great idea is much higher than 5—these are only the most common and the most popular ones. 

  • They are really attractive. You’ve undoubtedly heard of beautiful Ukrainian foreign brides, and this is one of those 100% true stereotypes. Ukrainian mail order brides look perfect, they are naturally hot, they know how to look fashionable, and they know literally everything about makeup. And of course, they love healthy diets and fitness!
  • They make perfect wives. The society Ukrainian mail order brides live in is very patriarchal—and when we say patriarchal, we mean that men are considered to be the head of the family in Ukraine. Women, in turn, are mostly expected to look great, respect their husbands, and be perfect wives/mothers—for many of them, being single still feels like a failure! Although their views are slowly changing, the core values remain constant—and the core values of Ukrainian women are family values, especially when it comes to the ones in their 30s and older.
  • They are very intelligent, hard-working, and ambitious. This might sound odd, considering the previous paragraph, but that’s what Ukrainian brides are. They are both modern and traditional; their values are both Westernized and heavily affected by the patriarchal society; they are both family-centered and career-oriented. They are perfectly balanced, that’s what we can say.
  • They are open to foreigners. It doesn’t mean you’ll easily get laid in Ukraine—sex on the very first date isn’t that common there. This means Ukrainian brides have no prejudice to foreigners—they really like dating foreign men and don’t have any problems with it. By the way, they speak English quite well, so you will not have to overcome the language barrier problem with them.
  • And age difference isn’t a problem for Ukrainian brides! If you take a look at an average American-Ukrainian family where a man is a US citizen, you’ll notice that it’s rarely about same-age marriages. 2, 3, and even 5 years are acceptable for them. 

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Ukrainian mail order women and Russian brides: 3 major differences 

Very often, Western men confuse Russian and Ukrainian mail order brides—and unless you’re telling this to a Ukrainian woman, it’s ok. But there are actually several significant differences between women from Russia and Ukraine: 

  1. Ukrainian oversea brides are generally more open and friendly.
  2. Ukrainian mail order brides are less demanding than women from Moscow.
  3. Ukrainian foreign mail order brides look more Southern! 

Dating Ukrainian international mail order brides 

Let’s talk about Ukrainian international brides dating here. What do you need to know and how to have a great date with a girl from Ukraine?

Ukrainian international dating: Top 5 tips 

  • Pay for the date—it’s a must in this country
  • Look your best—it’s another must
  • Bring a small gift (you don’t need to buy anything fancy)
  • Be a gentleman and respect her
  • Be confident and don’t be afraid of her

Dating Ukrainian foreign mail order brides: What you have to know

Here are the top 2 facts you have to know about Ukrainian mail order brides before the first date: 

  1. Ukrainian mail order brides can be a bit cold on the first dates. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean they don’t like you, it’s just a part of the dating culture in this country.
  2. At the same time, they can be quite emotional. They don’t just look “more Southern” than Russians, as we’ve just said, they are also more passionate and emotional than other Slavic women

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So, knowing all these tips and applying them in practice, you can easily find and date one of the Ukrainian beauties and build a strong and harmonious relationship with her.


Where to get a Ukrainian mail order bride?

On Ukrainian mail order bride websites, of course! There are lots of reputable Ukrainian mail order bride platforms with thousands and even tens of thousands of Ukrainian brides—you only need to sign up to start chatting with these women.

How much to order a Ukrainian bride online?

Let’s assume you will have a 14-day trip to Kyiv to meet your Ukrainian soulmate. In this case, you’ll need to spend around $2,000 for tickets, hotel room, food, entertainment, and transportation. The wedding will cost you anything from $4,000 to $10,000.

How to find a reputable Ukrainian mail order bride service?

Just do your research! There are always lots of negative user reviews when it comes to scam dating sites, so you only need to find them. But that’s not all—we also recommend you to use reverse image search to make sure the profiles are not fake on a dating site you’re going to use. If there are only a few negative reviews and most profiles are real, this looks like a reputable dating site.

Is it legal to meet and marry Ukrainian oversea brides?

Yes! You can meet, date, and marry Ukrainian mail order brides—and what’s even more important, you can get your Ukrainian wife to the United States on a K-1/CR-1 visa (it depends on where you are going to marry). After that, she’ll get a green card and in 3 years, she’ll be able to become a US citizen!

Should I meet Ukrainian oversea brides offline or online?

Of course, you can go directly to Kyiv, come to Maidan, and try to approach women there. But the problem is that it’s quite expensive, very time-consuming, and pretty stressful—so if you want to save your money and time, you need to meet them online. It’s much cheaper ($50-$100 per month) and it’s definitely much more convenient than going to Ukraine and trying to meet women there.

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