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Asian region is known for having the most gorgeous women and Vietnamese mail order wives, are among the most desired. Hundreds of beautiful foreign brides from Vietnam came to the US to build a family for the previous decade. It is the indicator that such international relationships work and guys that want to find a Vietnamese mail order bride have great chances. If you are interested in meeting a stunning Vietnamese mail order bride, keep on reading and learn everything about these girls.

💘 Success rate84%
🇻🇳 % of men who choose Vietnamese girls69%
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👧 Average age 24
💳 Credit costFrom $2.99
💰 Average costFrom $2,700
✅ LegalityYes
❓ Why Vietnamese bride?Communicative, alluring, smart 

What are real Vietnamese mail order wives like?

The unique appearance and Eastern charm of Vietnamese ladies make many Westerners want to meet a mail order wife from Vietnam. But what makes them so desired? How so many women make guys from Western countries travel the continents to have a chance with Vietnamese mail oder wives. We gathered core traits and peculiarities of their mentality that will help you understand what real Vietnamese mail order brides are like.

  • Blessed with Eastern beauty. Stunning appearance is the number one reason why Westerns want to get a Vietnamese mail order bride. Their flawless skin, luscious hair, and curvy petite bodies complement each other perfectly, creating an incredible signature look.
  • Caring and responsible. Gorgeous oversea brides from Vietnam are not afraid of taking up responsibilities around the house and caring for kids. They don’t mind the traditional division of duties and also prefer to work and not be stay-at-home mums to also support the family financially.
  • Calm and open to compromise. Family life is impossible without conflicts and sooner or later that will test your relationship. Also, international marriages are prone to more conflicts due to differences in mentalities and cultures. However, being with a Vietnamese girl for marriage, it will be hard for you to feel the difference. The wisdom of women from Vietnam, help them to resolve conflicts through communication and compromise.

We named only some peculiarities of a typical Vietnamese woman for marriage that make her so special in the eyes of foreign men. To get the full picture of these beauties you need to learn more about their culture and mindset.

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Appearance of Vietnamese brides: Are they as beautiful as they are described?

Many guys interested in Vietnamese women for marriage want to find them just because these girls look stunningly attractive. Indeed, outer beauty is one of the most common reasons so many foreign men want to find Vietnamese brides for sale. And this reason is rather obvious and understandable. Girls from Vietnam possess unique beauty even among Asian girls for marriage. For example, girls from Vietnam have rather lightly tanned skin, round faces, big smiles, and mesmerizing eyes. Just like most Asian women, Vietnamese brides are petite and slim. However, many women from this country can be relatively high, which is rare in Asia.

Vietnam mail order bride

Vietnamese girls don’t like to expose parts of their bodies, so you will often see girls wearing clothes covering the whole body. With the exceptional popularity of plastic surgery in countries like Japan, Korea, and China, modern women of Vietnam also have cosmetic surgery to enhance their beauty.

Character of a Vietnam wife: What to expect?

Vietnamese ladies for marriage can be described as energetic, vibrant, pragmatic, proud, dedicated, and dynamic women who want to build a family above all. Girls from Vietnam are exceptionally friendly and sociable, so you shouldn’t have any problems building a strong and happy relationship with her online. It is not difficult to be with a Vietnam wife since she is easy-going and broad-minded. Moreover, making a family with a woman from this country is easy since she is hard-working and family-oriented. Vietnamese brides for sale respect and honor their husbands, so you will enjoy marrying a woman from this country.

Why does a Vietnam girl for marriage seek a foreign husband online?

The reasons why girls from Vietnam are eager to look for a foreign husband are various. Most Vietnamese brides just want to have a better life. It can be challenging to find a perfect husband who can provide for the family in Vietnam, so many girls use mail order bride services to find a proper online husband.

The second most common reason is that online dating is heavily popular in Vietnam. Thousands of young and beautiful Vietnamese women for marriage know how many single guys are there in the United States. The love of Vietnamese brides for American men is obvious, which is why you can find and buy a Vietnamese bride that easily!

gorgeous Vietnamese women

Where to get a Vietnamese mail order bride?

With modern technologies finding a reputable Vietnamese mail order bride is a piece of cake. You can order a Vietnamese bride online, by joining a specialized dating site, or you can have a great adventure traveling to the country itself.

  • Traveling to Vietnam. Adventure to a distant country may be a great way to have a vacation. But you need to be ready to put your life on hold and take at least a two-week trip. Also, without professional help, you need to do thorough research to know where to go and how to buy a Vietnamese mail order bride if you are in the country. Otherwise, you’ll be just relying on luck and your chances to meet someone special will be the same as in your local area.
  • Joining a dating site or app. Thankfully, online dating makes it easy to find a Vietnamese for foreign husband. You can find and register to a reliable dating site in under 10 minutes and dive into the love search right away. Also, it’s available to everyone, regardless of where you live in the world, and dating sites usually offer a lot of useful tools, features, and services that make international dating effective, comfortable, and fun.

Note that the search for a beautiful girl from Vietnam might take some time and effort regardless of the dating way you choose, but it’s definitely worth it.

We are proud of these stories of happy couples

Martin (36) and Song (32)

There are no words to describe how grateful I am to OrchidRomance for connecting me to the love of my life. Song is the woman I’ve been looking for without even knowing. She allowed me to see what kind of relationship I really wanted. We have only been talking for three months and we are already discussing marriage. We are video chatting with each other every evening and she’s even more beautiful in person than she is in the photos!

Jonathan (37) and Fen (33)

AsianMelodies was the first dating site I joined, and I was really surprised when I met my current girlfriend on my first try. Fen was someone I was instantly attracted to, so imagine my relief when it turned out she felt the same way. We have been chatting and talking on the phone every day for the last six months and I feel like we are really close now. We are meeting in person in China next month, and if everyone goes well, I’m going to ask her to marry me.

Owen (41) and Mei (25)

Before I met Mei, I spent a couple of months on DateNiceAsian. I met some lovely women on the site, but I didn’t connect to them as much as I did to Mei. I took just one look at her profile and instantly knew we were meant to be together. We have known each other for almost a year and recently we took our relationship to the next level by spending two weeks together in China.

George (37) and Lin (27)

Our story with Lin was unconventional by traditional romantic standards. Instead of waiting for me to reach out to her, she contacted me first. I surely didn’t mind that level of activity, and it’s safe to say that we hit it off. This happened a little over a year ago. Since then, we have already met in person twice — once in China and once in the US. We have also decided to get married and Lin is currently waiting for her visa for it to happen. – CuteAsianWoman

Terry (48) and Lily (37)

We met online on EasternHoneys and felt an instant connection. This connection is now becoming stronger every day. We are planning to meet in person in a month or so, but we have already discussed marriage and we are confident that we want to be together for life.

What kind of wife can your mail order Vietnamese bride be?

To build happy and strong relationships, you need to know more about what kind of Viet wife your woman from Vietnam is going to be. In this section, we will try to answer all the important questions and offer you general characteristics of a good Vietnam wife. Although not all girls will fit this description, we believe that it won’t be difficult for you to find a woman who has all these qualities! Let’s take a look at what you should expect from your Vietnam wife!

How will she treat you?

A good Vietnam wife is a woman who respects and honors her husband. Being married to a girl from this country means being the head of the family. You will be the most important person in your wife’s life, so you can expect to be treated perfectly. A Vietnam girl for sell is usually rather calm and quiet, so no dramas or fights will be common.

Communication with your friends and family

Since an average Vietnam mail order bride is rather open-minded and easy-going, it won’t be difficult for her to find common ground with your family and friends. If your parents and friends can accept a woman from another country, you will be the happiest person on the planet. Vietnamese women honor and love their husbands’ parents, so there shouldn’t be any problems. As long as your friends and family treat your Vietnam girl for sell right, she will be open and friendly to them.

Will she be a good wife?

Vietnam wives

She will be a perfect wife. Vietnam mail order bride is a woman who knows how to be supportive, honest, loyal, and respectful. She is a girl who has all the qualities and characteristics needed to build a happy and harmonious family. She is hard-working, humble, and dedicated. She won’t demand anything from you. Furthermore, she will be rather obeying and submissive, although it shouldn’t be a sign for you to start disrespecting your wife. It is not difficult to find a perfect Vietnam wife, and when you do, you will see how excellent and phenomenal your relationship will be!

How to impress a Vietnam mail order bride online?

To impress Vietnamese brides for American men, you have to be honest, humble, and generous. Honesty is essential to Vietnamese brides, so remember to tell everything as it is. Don’t try to make up stories just to impress your lady. Being humble is also essential for women from this country since most Vietnamese ladies for marriage are humble as well. Don’t try to show off just to impress a woman. Being honest and humble is a perfect combination that will impress your girls.

Lastly, being generous can help you make a positive impression. Most mail order bride sites can help you send real or virtual presents to your brides. You can use these features to make a great first impression. Just remember not to make it look like you want to impress your girls with money you can spend on her.

Communication with Vietnam wives: What topics to choose?

Since Vietnam wives are broad-minded and easy-going, there are many topics that you can select to have a great time. Some general subjects can include:

  • Talk about your wife’s family
  • Ask about your wife’s goals and expectations
  • Learn what your bride likes the most

Avoid talking about religions and politics, and you will be fine! It is not difficult to chat with a Vietnam girl for sell! Just remember to be open and polite.

Vietnamese Mail Order Bride

Vietnamese ladies for marriage and their attitude to relationships and family

Vietnamese dating is quite traditional, which means that men are usually this country tend to see their partner not only as a boyfriend or husband but as someone to follow and trust. Also, Vietnamese ladies take relationships very seriously, as women’s reputations can easily be ruined in society.

Interesting fact: many Vietnamese women prefer older men. They prefer to be with a partner who is 5 or 10 years older than younger.

More mature men are usually considered ready for full commitment and more financially and emotionally stable. So, if you are into younger women and were afraid that you won’t have chances with stunning singles from Vietnam, now you know the truth.

Moreover, the attitude towards family is even more serious. Women tend to start dating men who they potentially see as their future husbands, which is why many of them end up marrying. Vietnamese wives are very devoted to their loved ones and will always surround them with care and support. Also, women tend to want bigger families, so if you love kids, you should get a Vietnamese wife.

foreign brides from Vietnam


Finding a gorgeous Vietnamese wife is much easier with modern technologies and the abundance of dating sites, apps, and services. They take dating to another level and help love to have no boundaries. So, if you adore Asian women and want to have a caring and wise wife, Vietnam should be your top choice.


Are mail order brides from Vietnam real?

Yes, women on reliable dating sites are real as they undergo ID verification during the registration stage.

Is it easy to find a Vietnamese wife?

A variety of dating sites can help you find a girl from Vietnam in 10 minutes. But love and creating a bond takes time.

How much is a beautiful Vietnamese bride?

The price will depend on a particular dating site you choose and your lifestyle. The sum can start with $3,000 and reach thousands of dollars.

Can I legally marry a girl from Vietnam?

Yes, Western citizens can legally marry women from Vietnam, but you need to obtain a K1 visa.

Are Vietnamese mail order brides willing to move abroad?

Majority of women that are looking for foreign husbands know moving abroad is a part of it, and they are willing to do it in the name of love.

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