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La Date is a platform with Latin women for online relationships who want to date foreigners. There is nothing special about this site—it just does its job perfectly. Here, you can meet thousands of beautiful and legit girls for online relationships from most Latin countries: Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, etc. The features that are offered here can provide you with everything you need. While there is only text-based communication, you can have the best time of your life with Latin girls on LaDate. If you want to find true love from a Latin country, you should read this article!

Positives and negatives of LaDate dating site

The purpose of this article is to provide you with enough information about the LaDate platform so that you can understand whether you should use it or not. And for you to make this decision, it is essential to know both good and bad things about this site. We believe in honesty and a clear approach to analyzing dating websites. This is why, in this section, we want to offer you a list of facts about La Date that contains both positive and negative aspects of using this platform. It is up to you to decide whether the positives outweigh the negatives!


  • A decent number of active members at any given time
  • Simple and quick registration
  • This site has a few unique features such as ‘Newsfeed’ and ‘People’
  • A detailed and interesting quiz during the signup process that can help you understand what kind of relationships you seek
  • User-friendly interface and design


  • All communication options are fee-based
  • No video or audio interaction
  • No mobile application

How to create an account: A detailed guide

Now that you know basic facts about the site, let’s take a look at what you need to do to start using La Date. In a nutshell, this site is rather simple, accessible, and user-friendly. All its parts are designed to make your experiences enjoyable and comfortable. So, let’s start with registration and check out what you need to do to create an account on this platform!

  1. Fill out the registration form. You just need to provide your name, birthday, gender, email, and password.
  2. Complete a short quiz. There are roughly 20 questions in the quiz. It consists of 3 parts. The first part asks about who you are and what your hobbies and goals are. The second part is about your preferences. Here, you define your perfect woman. And the third part is to upload your profile picture. Keep in mind that this quiz can be skipped, but we highly recommend you spend a few minutes of your time and fill it out! If you know what kind of woman you want to find, you can answer all the questions quickly and provide essential information to the system.

3. Once you finish answering questions, you will be given a few profiles suitable for you based on your answers. You may like a few of them or don’t—it is up to you. If you see a message that says you are given 20 complimentary credits, it means that you have finished the registration and can now freely browse the site! Congratulations!

Main features to know

What makes LaDate so convenient and wonderful is the fact that this site is user-friendly and doesn’t have too many tools and options in the first place. Indeed, there is only text-based communication. To contact a date, you can either send a live message or an email. Sure, you can add photos, videos, stickers, and gifts to your messages, but apart from that, your actions are rather limited.

There is a ‘People’ feature that can be rather useful for you. It is a matchmaking tool that allows you to browse through a large number of profiles in mere minutes! You are given a dozen profiles, and each profile you can either like or skip. You can also send mail, wink, or present to your potential date. Every action will send a notification to a woman, so it is a great way to get the attention of many girls online!

What girls use LaDate and how to find them?

This site is home to thousands of Latin women for dating online. You won’t find women from other countries and regions—this is one of the few strict rules here. As for what girls use this site, most of the time, these are young and single beauties who want to live in the United States with a foreigner. The reasons why they decide to use online dating can be various. Some ladies want to date a foreigner because it is exciting and fun. Others are looking for relationships online because they want a better life.

Many tools and features can help you find a perfect or suitable date on LaDate. The filtering system is wonderful and practical! You can specify what kind of woman you are looking for with a dozen different filters. It is a working and effective system that can narrow down your search and help you find exactly who you want! ‘Newsfeed’ and ‘People’ features are also very effective and helpful, but less definitive compared to filters, though.

Cost of dating on La Date

As mentioned above, communication tools here are paid, so you need to spend money to interact and communicate with dates. Right now, you can buy 20 credits for $2.99. And here is a price list that can help you understand how much you can spend on various tools:

La Date is a wonderful site mainly because it has a lot of free options. You can create and fill out your account, browse through profiles, send winks, use ‘Newsfeed’, ‘People’, and filtering features, and enjoy a great online dating experience. Communication is the only option that is hidden behind a paywall. If you are looking for a real online dating experience, you will have to pay. Fortunately, the cost of dating on LaDate is not that huge.

How to avoid getting scammed?

This site is not fraudulent, so you don’t need to come up with some tests or approaches to verify LaDate. However, the administration of the site cannot keep track of all members that register here. Sometimes, scammers can get through the system. Fortunately, most scammers just want your money, and you need to remember a simple thing. You should never send money to your dates. That’s all! LaDate is a platform where people find love and relationships. Girls don’t seek sponsors here, so you just don’t need to send them money.

Unique tools on the site

We have mentioned ‘Newsfeed’ in this La-date.com review already. Well, it is truly a unique feature that is not very common on dating sites. In a nutshell, a ‘Newsfeed’ on LaDate is similar to some social media newsfeed. Girls post their thoughts, ideas, and anything they want. A post usually consists of a sentence or two and a few photos. You can browse these posts, follow girls, and proceed to communicate with a girl you like. Simple but effective. And free!


The main goal of this La-date.com review is to show you how accessible online dating can be. And considering all the benefits of this platform, you can see that it is possible to start a real relationship with a Latin beauty online with the help of LaDate dating website!

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